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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #34-05: Tip of the week: How to avoid big surprises

January 20, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold. I am your host Bryan Vogt and might do this we have a show today we talked about the leasing opportunities again sometimes maybe you’re not selling maybe it’s just not the right fit right now maybe there’s a situation where again you might be moving away for a year or even two years so having someone to go to as far as leasing is so important so we have Rene wouldn’t our from Cecil management group on she had some fantastic information also we talked about basically a fantastic nonprofit organization called our arts redevelopment and you go to our three development org and make donations check it out the need is so great it’s a group down and you St. Louis that are really trying to make a difference.
And here’s the good news they are so that’s fantastic and also we talked to a lender Brian Gator talking about what you should be looking for in a lender, not just one size fits all that’s really important with that let’s talk about the tip of the week. The tip of the week comes very simply is when you’re listing your home putting on the market make sure that you at least are aware everything is working properly what I mean by working properly I’m talking about there’s not a roof issue there’s not a heating cooling issue or water you a feeding issue the reason why I say that is we recently had a situation where we heard of a seller listing the property they weren’t 100% sure about the roof and they were just a little concerned well they would put it on the market and they put on the market and they got the offer in and had a home inspection and guess what they had a bad roof.
This happened that often but miss situation it did and what transpired was is the buyers needed to move sooner the time it was going to take to get the roof on was going to hit in their timeline especially in our area that can happen with the military, not all the time but on occasion and it didn’t work out and so they lost that mire they put it back on the market and it took a couple of months and again time money frustration so to avoid that if you think there is something wrong with anything in your home and this is usually the big-ticket items you can have a pre inspection done by a home inspector that’s fine but you can take the next step to that many sellers do and that is bringing the expert so again it could be a roof issue.
Bring in a certified licensed roofer to certify your roof that way all of the concern all of the frustration potentially is taken care of and yes unfortunately if the roof does need to be replaced well now you’re being proactive and you won’t have that situation of time delays are financial concerns as far as then not getting it sold at all so again by just doing proactive with you and your vulture heating cooling same life concerned about the heating and cooling in any capacity bringing the expert make sure that those things are working properly so you don’t have any shall we say surprises at the end they probably are sometimes it’s just a situation where we think more bad things and good things and it comes out well but in those situations whether or not it’s good to have that information and act accordingly hey thanks so much for joining us it’s been a great pleasure again we’re always trying to get that information out to people so they can make the right decision for themselves.
Get the book it’s free to go to, not org. Your free copy sent to you in the mail with that we’re going to be leaving you and see you next Saturday. Make it a great day.

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