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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #35-01: Joe Harnist: Importance of having an insurance policy crafted for your needs

January 27, 2018

Welcome to Ready Set sold with your host Bryan Vogt. Are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house but don’t know what it starts good thing you found Ready Set Sold and now real estate broker Bryan Vogt.
Good morning everyone welcome to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt and we have quite a show lined up for you today you can buy some great information and that’s really what we’re based on we are we’re always trying to get out the best information possible from the local experts talking about the book these are that nature I wrote a most of you know I wrote a bestselling book called reset soul twelve proven steps to get your house sold for top Tower and at that sale so we talked a lot about that but we also bringing on experts and actually sponsors to briefly talking about the market.
The market is still hot if you’re thinking about putting your house on the market this is the time we haven’t seen this type of activity in this time of year meaning January in years so if you’re thinking about it do two things number one contact your agent number two if you don’t have an agent are you not sure what to do go to ready said so org comrade so org Netcom and pick up the free copy of the book a little bit of information and get that and get yourself going maybe not January but maybe you think in spring whatever you’re thinking about it’s a great book to have people have had great success was it with that set I want to introduce a personal friend someone I have known for a very long time would you say that a great guy and he’s the president of harness insurance and that is Joe harness.
Joe you there yeah Brian how are you this morning I am doing fantastic I’m fantastic Joe is also not only a local expert in particularly in the Metro East O’Fallon Shiloh Belleville throughout the area but he also is a sponsor so we’re really happy to have him so you’re gonna be hearing more and more absorbed with that said let’s just talk about the subjects that you want to talk about what we’re going to really dive into today and that’s really coverages for homeowners of which one to choose and that can be a real issue.
I’ve had that happen with even sellers and even buyers there’s just some confusion out there it’s not a one size fits all is it no not at all Brian there’s so many different coverages that can be added to a homeowner’s policy that you know you may not necessarily know a lot of them a lot of times are built in I mean they you know agents offer them but there’s others out there that some agents may not look at may not pick up on and we try to cover all the bases with everything.
Because you can go out and buy a basic you know plain-jane homeowners policy to satisfy a mortgage company but it may not necessarily satisfy your needs as a homeowner you know in St. Clair County because of the mine subsidence issue mines and Sciences is automatically included in a homeowner’s policy unless you specifically sign off on it but by law it has to be included in a homeowner’s policy so that’s normally one of the add-ons it’s that’s included but you get into things like earthquake sewer equipment break down flood insurance identity theft personal injury liability you can get service line coverage to cover your water and sewer lines coming into your house if they break out in your yard you can add golf cart coverage physical damage you can add jewelry you can schedule antiques you can schedule fine arts I mean there’s just a whole myriad things that that can go into a homeowners policy that you know the bank doesn’t really care about but it should be something that you know the client cares about.
So I would imagine and what do I know and I do mean that what little I know about the insurance but most that coverage is pretty reasonable right I mean for the value of what you’re covering you know sewer lines for example are water lines I imagine because look we’ve had situations unfortunately were or a seller found out that they really had a problem with their sewer line and it cost four or five thousand dollars don’t get it repaired that’s before they it goes on the market right so I would think that the coverages are far less on a normal situation like that than happened to pay you know some kind of crazy number am I right on that yeah and it’s you know the coverages individually by themselves are not expensive but when you start adding them up and you’re putting a lot of different endorsements onto a homeowner’s policy.
It can get a little pricey but it just depends on what you want to cover you know you need to look at what your exposure is what you think your exposure is going to be and pick and choose what you think is most important of the coverage options that are available to you so I think I think what you’re talking about what I’m hearing is saying and you correct me if I’m wrong but a long shot of a peace of mind doesn’t cost that much no absolutely and that’s basically what insurance is and any type of insurance it’s peace of mind that you’ve got some backing behind you.
If something serious happens that the unit might not necessarily be able to recover from without that you know backing so right I mean and I think that’s always important to know that when you take the whole thing of what you’re getting for coverage and potential and of course we don’t wish anybody I know you don’t know no one wants to have a claim right when you’re making an investment buying a home that’s usually the largest investment most people ever make and you want to have someone has local connections someone similar to you.
I mean been the business for 40 years I know you started when you were five so you rip on you right yeah spring Tilda it works right so it’s our story but anyway but I mean you know you have that type of bank and you have that type of knowledge behind you that you can you know go to and the trusted person and I think that’s really important and we’d love for you to you know to you to contact Joe but whoever that may be you want to make sure that that person has that type of experience that they have that type of knowledge that they can I don’t know Joe in some ways you’ve probably seen more than most agents ever will ever see in their career oh yeah I’ve seen it pretty much seen it all and dealt with it all you know as far as you know writing coverages writing certain types of structures dealing with claims you know I mean I’ve seen it Paul with many different companies over the years.
You know we’re an independent agent so we don’t write just for one company we write for multiple companies you know MetLife traveler’s we’ve got access probably to about a dozen different companies that we can get to most of them so I’ve got what I’m hearing you’re saying is that can be a great advantage if someone is looking it doesn’t mean you can’t go with a one brand company and that’s fine that’s ended up good jobs too but it’s nice to have that ability to shop the business.
So by going by independent insurance agent that’s some real pluses for whether you’re a buyer even if you’re selling is when you sell you’re looking possibly to change insurance are you looking to change carriers he’s not uncommon so that’s it that’s a great thing to look for wouldn’t you agree right yeah well the other thing too is what’s nice is every company that we write for has different underwriting guidelines and so if there is an issue where there’s claim history involved you know they may not be able to get coverage through a one company.
You know situation but we can look at different companies and see if we can fit them into one of those companies that have an underwriting philosophy that’s a little looser than others not saying that it’s bad it’s just that say they may accept two claims instead of one before they cancel here or they may say well we’ll take three claims under a certain dollar value before we get into a cancellation situation so you know no way that will matter how what I mean you know of course but again it’s good to know that there is that ability not to have one-stop shopping that you have that flexibility so independent agents can have an advantage over again traditionally one name one brand company so that’s you know that’s it that’s a huge advantage that people might want to
take advantage of.
I tell you what we’re running out of time on this segment but we’ve got some great information coming away Joe is going to be with us in the second segment and that’s Joe Harness he is president of Harness Insurance Company and Joe why you have it how can people contact you look your email it’s the letter J harnessed har n is T at harnessed insurance calm and insurance is spelled out awesome so if you have questions you have more information you want to gather I highly encourage you to contact Joe and he’ll get any information that you need we’re back with the next segment in just a few minutes you’ll see Ready Set Sold. I’m your host Bryan Vogt.

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