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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #35-05: Tip of the week: Don’t let your agent hijack your negotiations

January 27, 2018

Welcome back to ready to throw in your host Bryan Vogt and now it’s time for the tip of the week but first can review what we talked about today and that was insurance and the need to have an insurance agent that has a years experience we talked with Joe harness of Harness Insurance and you’ve got 40 years of experience and talking about that you know getting that insurance early is really important and I can tell you that from experience so people have been panic and you might get the policy but you know what it may not be exactly what you’re looking for maybe not be the coverage so take the time take a take you know whatever you need but just get the right information get the insurance that you need we also talked about financial planning with Steve sharp and the importance of if you’re new you’re 20 year old and you’re looking to purchase your home start thinking about your future then or if you’ve been maybe in your 40s 50s or 60s.
I’m because any time we shouldn’t need to be looking at your financial picture and how your house is affected in that whole package and then again we talked some more about insurance we had Dan Meyers from insurance store incorporated talked about that big coverage that you get make sure that you can afford the deductible you don’t have a situation where you’re paying thousands upon thousands of dollars thinking that you will never have to use it and you may have to so what is the tip of the week well let me give you a story that just happened not too long ago a salad been on the market it’s a hot market lose no film market and they got an offer in on been on the market for three days and they loved the offer it was a great offer wasn’t exactly asking price but boy it was so close and the ancient.
All of a sudden jumped in and said hey I think you can do better why don’t you why don’t you counter back and let’s see if we can’t get you even more money notice our admitted that they really liked that offer they were very happy like time line everything and they said well okay I mean let’s try it and the agent said yes well I’m sure we’ll get it they sent back to counteroffer shortly thereafter they found out the buyers said no and walked away now this rarely happens but it can happen and what happened after that it was 30 days before they got another offer and it was a good offer still they were happy with it wasn’t quite as good as the first offer but they want end up taking it so that’s a good thing however the tip of the week is very simply remember that especially with your agent if your agent tells you that you might want to just take back a step if you’re happy with it.
If it works for you it’s okay it’s okay to take the offer you don’t have to counteroffer if you do realize there is a chance a chance just like we just talked about that you will get rejected and the viral walk away and that could be a situation you have so again very simply understand if you like the offer go ahead and take it that there’s no guarantees that you’re going to get it on the other side if you want and you want to take that risk go for it nothing wrong with that either but you need to make a decision make sure your agent is in the making decision for you thank you so much everyone for joining us this week in the Saturday and I want to wish everyone a fantastic week and we will see you next week on Ready Set Sold.

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