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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #36-01: Advantages of pricing your home right the first time

February 3, 2018

Welcome to Ready Set sold with your host Bryan Vogt. Are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house but don’t know what it starts good thing you found Ready Set Sold and now real estate broker Bryan Vogt.
Fantastic weekend the weather as normal is so unpredictable it seems like it one week or I should say one week one day we’re at minus for the other day we’re at 60 and the next day we’re at 30 or what-have-you and it just seems like that our weather is just typically Midwest if you don’t like it just wait a day or maybe a few hours and see what you have next so with that said as I said before I hope you’re having a fantastic Saturday and a fantastic weekend thank you so much for joining us today we’ve got some great things to talk about I’m really excited about we’re gonna be talking about one of the subjects that comes up quite a bit especially with sellers and it’s in the book it’s step 6 it’s why pricing your house right the first time is such a winning strategy.
And believe me when I say that it is and we’ll talk more about that later in this segment in the second segment we’ll be talking about location location location everyone hears that but when I go a little bit deeper than that what exactly that means and in the next segment in the third segment what it’s you and your agent just don’t agree on pricing that could be a red flag that you really want to make sure you keep tuned into this the program we’re going to go into more about why that is a bad situation and then the fourth segment is other factors in the sale of your home and that could be square footage those could be bathrooms and bedrooms and we’ll talk more about how that can have an effect but I think you’ll be surprised it doesn’t have nearly effect that
many sellers think it does an OS segment is going to be the typical week.
It’s going to be talking about the guaranteed sale you definitely want to catch that sometimes agents will have guarantees put in and we’ll talk about that that that may may not be the right fit to you what that says most of you I think know that I have listened to show it for any length of time and many of you have and I thank you for that this show is dedicated to role estate and particularly most we sellers but we do talk about buyers too because guess what 90 95 % of all sellers become buyers so it’s a win-win situation when we’re talking about that type of information I wrote a book actually it was about this time last year it was released called Ready Set sold 12 proven steps to sell your house fast and for top dollar in the same rules module East became a number one bestseller on Amazon.
I am very very happy with that and people asked me quite often why I wrote the book I would say to boil it down mainly is to try to give people a road map proven steps that they do this systemness they can have fantastic success with the sells at home and that’s probably the main reason why I love it was be able to get the information out to have a value position that people could use it would love them to use me of course but if they didn’t that was okay just so they had the information because there is so much information out there on the internet it’s almost information overload and oftentimes though when you really look at it it’s things happening on the East Coast and West Coast and they’ll make so many different basically wild claims that if you do this and do this I mean staging is one of them that I saw one that they were talking about if you staged your home you spend four thousand hours look at forty thousand hours back of the chart.
You know maybe on the East Coast maybe in New York City maybe in LA I don’t know maybe maybe those things actually happen I personally doubt it but it doesn’t happen here it doesn’t happen here in the Midwest it doesn’t mean the stage is not a good thing it can get your house sold quicker and we talked about that before but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get a certain amount of money additional these wild claims all I seen things the TV programs and God love them that’s fine to sell your house but again it came to be on the East Coast West Coast and the pricing is totally different the culture is even different East Coast is a faster-moving head of oh I’m just a different not a bad but just a more fast-paced more direct here in the Midwest we can be all those things but we can’t have a little bit a little bit slower pace to us a little bit more level-headed shall we say versus even on the west coast too and it seems so many people that would listen to these programs or watch these programs and again I know of a seller who literally spent forty thousand dollars putting in a basement.
He felt that he had to do that he saw that on a show could remember which one and the long story short he got about a fraction of what that was he lost probably over thirty thousand dollars by finishing his basement thinking that was going to get him not only bat money back but even more money and so that’s why the book was what was written is to keep people from having those kind of pain and that’s not much fun also what updates to do what updates not to do it’s loaded with all kinds of information and as I mentioned earlier in this segment it’s going to talk about pricing your home right the first time it’s such a winning strategy and in a sense it really is a winning strategy so let’s look at some of the reasons why most sellers first off want to do that from my experience they really do they want to get top tower but they also want to make sure that they don’t have to keep coming down on pricing and that they get what they should receive in a timely and that could be anywhere between 30 to 45 days.
It just depends everything is situational but that’s a good barometer to have it should be a good yardstick in most cases that you’re looking at if you have a much higher in-home what those numbers can change maybe you have a rare situation where you have that there’s just nothing happening it just happens that your market area your location isn’t just about sales it just takes longer traditionally than others but the good news is that’s exceptions that’s not the rule so one of the things just advantages of getting top dollar and a fast sale price your home write is just simply less work look anybody who’s ever sold a house or even thought about selling a house knows staging can be very important oftentimes sellers talk about feeling like they’re in a hotel and they’re always making sure that every bed is made that everything is always picked up and every kitchen sink is clean and every table is wiped off and those are great things to do and the lights are on and all those staging things are fantastic.
But again it’s just more work that people have to do and if they can get their house sold by pricing it the right way and they do they will have great success it’s one less thing they have to do and worry about also just a strain often times that it starts off that the sellers are pretty excited and everyone’s pretty excited but depending on the pricing they may be in a situation where all of a sudden in 30 days go by 60 they’d go buy 90 days go by and it can start shaking its wear and tear not only financially but just the drain of the uncertainty of not knowing and oftentimes that might be that the pricing wasn’t where it needed to be at again I’ve told you about the exceptions but oftentimes it’s the pricing isn’t worth that and that could be the biggest holdup.
You have a segment that probably comes into play more often is getting along with your wife you know what we I was just talking to some people that were moving down to Texas they had a job opportunity that they thought once in a lifetime they wanted to get where they need to go there’s nothing wrong with that again the house that you’re living in now could have some great memories but it’s time to move on and move on to your next adventure so the excitement of not only selling your house but then moving on to your next adventure and by doing again having the house priced correctly the first time saves you a lot of headaches awesome a negative side to is if you don’t have that right price buyers watch the market most hours know that buyers are much more educated and what we mean by that normally is as buyers will literally track houses and when they see houses go down they tend to start thinking that well that wasn’t the right price.
They’re more apt to then offer a lower price and a lower price means less correct price to start with you could have had within usually 2% that’s a good average to go by of what you’re asking for so again you know 200,000 hours 196 or even higher can be something that you could expect when you have that house price correctly so that’s the advantages of having your house price correctly what we’re going to talk about now is in the next segment is when you’re talking about location location location so how does price affect location I want to make sure that you can get the book the free book I mentioned about is race at souls org so to reset so org get the book it’s absolutely free no strings. We’ll talk to you soon.

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