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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #36-03: Importance of you and your agent agreeing on pricing

February 3, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold with your host Bryan Vogt. Thanks so much for joining us I just want to put a plug also in some of the areas that we wrap we are on podcast every show that we do is on a podcast so look it happens sometimes you don’t catch the first part of the show you only catch half of the show no problem you can go to either Google Play or you can go to iTunes and you can go simply listen to whatever segment you want to was ready said sold you can figure out the date you can figure out the subject if we had a guest speaker everything’s marked clearly so you can go and review it or maybe you heard it this time but you want to listen to it one more time.
That’s not a problem go back and listen to a segment listen to the whole show so it’s designed again for value for to get this information out to people they’re looking to sell their house and get top dollar and a bass sale also we’re on Facebook good already said so with Brian’s out and like us there we would greatly appreciate that and we have all other places you can go to yes if you want to go to Youtube and we have things on LinkedIn and in Facebook also so we’re kind of everywhere and that’s really the point that we wanted to do we want to get this information out but one of the easiest ways to get really even more information is literally to get the book.
It’s absolutely free just go to not .com put a little bit of information in we will send the book out free of charge and it has this information I’m giving me now but even more details of yours even deeper into things that people really need to have so they can get the best price for their home so now let’s talk about one of the things that sometimes comes up that you need to be leery out so you know you’re talking about pricing what if you and your agent don’t agree on the price means is that you want to have it at X amount of dollars and your agent says no no way my suggestion you and I mean this sincerely my strongest suggestion to you is you probably have the wrong agent.
We are here to give you information we are to give you examples of your location of the reasons why you may have success to listen to your needs and your wants and to help you make your decision but ultimately it’s your house and the reason why this becomes so important is that often times not always but when you have this disagreement understand that the agent is basically saying they don’t believe in your house I mean they just don’t they don’t think they can either get it or they don’t think your house is worth it that can be a very difficult sell if you’re now trying to get your table tower so the important part about it is if you don’t agree come to agreement and they have pushback it’s time to look for another agent.
It could be your cousin it could be someone close to you but it’s so important because oftentimes what happens is you have two forces work in the exact opposite what you want is someone saying okay we’re in this together here’s the numbers we have for your location but you feel you can get better I’m going to do everything I possibly can to get you those numbers that you want and let’s move forward and that’s about as simple as that every time I’ve heard the story usually it doesn’t turn out well that there’s a dispute between the agency agent said well yes I told you it was only with X mind hours yes I took the listing for this amount of money but it’s really only worth this and this is what you’re gonna have to take has situation.
I heard just the other day about someone talking about that they had an agent they disagreed with the pricing it just turned out for whatever reason that the price that ventually came in was much closer to what the agent said than what the seller wanted and the seller got the distinct impression that it was almost like I told you so you know I told you you couldn’t make this amount of money I told you you couldn’t do this and I was right is that really the type of agents that you want to be have working with your biggest asset so as I mentioned before whatever that price is whatever you’ve came to the conclusion was your agent should be able to take that and run with it and do everything they possibly can to get you what you’re looking to do.
It’s a two-way street and not only do we have to understand that you know the seller has their position but if the agent takes signs on that listing they have a responsibility as my professional opinion do everything possible to get the pricing that you want and that’s really important so it’s going to recap what we talked about if you have a dispute it doesn’t have to be very much if they just say you know what I don’t think your house is worth X amount of dollars well they’re probably telling you the truth and that’s probably how they’re going to try to market your home they’re not going to be giving you everything that you deserve in the sale of your house because ultimately this is your house and if the Asian signs on just to reiterate the Asian signs on then.
They have additional responsibility to do everything possible to meet the needs that you want not the other way around with that said we’re going to be talking the next time in even more information that you don’t want to miss you listen to Ready Set Sold, your host Bryan Vogt.

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