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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #36-04: What factors square footage, bedrooms and bathrooms have

February 3, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt. In kind of recapping where we’re at was in that attack the first segment about how important is to get the house price right the first time we talked about the timing aspect of it and yes the work that can be involved with it of getting the beds made making sure that you had the house staged properly oftentimes sellers will talking about they feel like they’re living in hotel if their house is no longer theirs and so by pricing a right getting it getting a faster sale.
He’s usually a win-win just on that alone but also the factor is that the longer your house is on the market again it just can wear and tear on people it puts doubt their concerns and that doesn’t take near as long as what sometimes sellers think oftentimes within 30 days and definitely thin two months so again getting it right priced the first time usually he’s going to accommodate that situation also we talked about then location location location and understand you really want to hone in you just been hunting on what has happened in the last three to four months three months ideally what has been selling what does that price range you make sure that your house is in that price range and then also talking about if you don’t agree with your agent if your agent doesn’t agree with the price that you’re asking for your house then it’s very good idea to find another agent.
It’s just that simple they’ve already told you that they either don’t believe in your house or they can’t get it and that’s okay but oftentimes when you sign on and we’ve heard story after story when that happens the good news is it doesn’t happen very often but when it does happen it usually brings a lot of friction a lot of problems and all of a sudden it seems like sellers talk about that they’re in a tug of war with their agent their agent keeps on saying no you take less and they’re wanting more and just kind of not a good working relationship so in this time when we talk about other factories because we talk about location and square footage is one of those factors but I want to encourage you to understand it’s a factor.
You’ve heard the expression you don’t want to have the nicest house on the block most people have heard that so what is that exactly does that mean what might be worth much know of a situation where most of the houses were between 1800 and 2200 square feet it believe the house was in O’Fallon and they were selling at a certain price point well a seller had a house that her exactly had about 2,500 2,600 square feet and because of that they decided to arbitrarily put a price on that square footage so what happened well unfortunately they didn’t sell their house the price that they put on there they could not get that pricing they got very little as far as showings and they never did get a offer and the problem being is that you may have the best house and that’s a good thing to a certain point as long as you understand that the square footage is a factor so in that situation is it so happened that when they do a little more digging.
But yes they bought that house one of the things reasons why they bought that house was it had 2,500 square feet it was bigger house but when asked more about well did you buy that house and you felt you paid X amount of dollars for that the answer is no it was just the best value for that location and that you’re able to get the additional square footage and that’s probably the best way to look upon that Union HBM that conversation so square footage is a factor but it’s not usually going to be the Trump factor when it comes down to location if your location is still going to be the number one factor you can do when you’re looking at pricing your house per topped our and a fast sale also bedrooms and bathrooms now this is bedrooms and bathrooms cause you either way meaning is a good rule of thumb if you have three bedrooms and you have two bathrooms.
You’re probably in pretty good shape and yes there could be other houses in your location and have four bedrooms or even more or even more bathrooms but kind of a rule of thumb is after three then it becomes four five six seven but the average household is still I think 3.2 kids you know people I don’t know what that point to looks like but it really is and also things have changed it used to be that offices were the thing there’s nothing wrong with having an extra room for an office but more and more people are using laptops and their office is literally war would they take it I say laptop something we’re talking about services and yes you’ve been there phone so it’s not saying that you shouldn’t it’s a bad thing if you have the fourth bedroom and it’s a good thing.
But oftentimes they agents unfortunately will come up with some imaginary number that you came from the east coast or west coast and say that you’re your bedroom is worth extra bedrooms were two point seven thousand hours or something crazy like that same thing with the bathroom again they’re putting in numbers usually from the East Coast West Coast that have really no bearing on it there could be a small decline if you have everyone in your location has four bedrooms three bathrooms but it’s not usually near as severe as most sellers think it’s definitely not worth putting a new bathroom in are trying to put any bedroom in and that unfortunately sometimes is what happens that’s why one of the reasons why having this book become so important it talks more in depth about that that that’s the last thing you wanted to I think every bathroom is ten thousand dollars.
So you’re already ten thousand dollars in the whole bedrooms not quite as expensive depending on the situation for the trouble with adding what the bedroom is where do you put it it sounds good but again most people know that if you put a bedroom in the basement it’s probably gonna be considered a bonus room unless you have it the spacing light for the window the closet so again those things are factors they do come into play they’re just not as large as most sellers think and make sure that your agents aware that also with that said always offering the book or you can go to Facebook and like us Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt or you can go to not .com and to get up a free copy of but I think it’d be well worth the time

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