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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #36-05: Tip of the week: Beware of the guaranteed sale

February 3, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt we talked a lot about pricing this week and I think it’s probably the number one subject that we hear most from sellers and some questions we get asked the most and that is this pricing right your house right the first time and the importance of that and we will recap that a earlier segment but overall maybe the best advice I can give you is to go get the book it’s free it really has no strings.
You can go to not .com get it free copy the book maybe you know someone maybe you’re not looking to sell right this minute that’s okay maybe it’s the spring time late in spring maybe summer maybe same time last year but again it has some great information that you can really start planning getting things done and getting ahead of the game and so when it is time to put your house on the market that you have the confidence that you’re going to have success not only on the money sign but also having a faster sale so I encourage you to do that you’ll get more in depth about what we talked about today about pricing your house the location factors on bedrooms and bathrooms.
Making sure you have an agreement with your agent as far as pricing goes that you’re both on the same wavelength with that said let’s talk about the typical week in the typical week is canvas same team with agents most hours know this but unfortunately sometimes we just hear something so well that we just we do it anyway we can’t go against our gut and that’s the agent that comes in that starts guaranteeing practically everything guaranteeing that they’ll get your house sold into it they’re guaranteeing that they will get the price exactly that you want they’re guaranteeing that the house will appraise out guaranteeing that there won’t be any hassles almost spectrum will be fantastic everything is a gerund everything is a guarantee just a friendly reminder as with anything.
There’s no 100% Sun anything if you’re looking for a guarantee they should be guaranteed they’re going to do everything they possibly can to meet what you’re trying to accomplish they’re going to guarantee they’re gonna give you 100% but everything else is quite frankly sounds good but often times is exactly the opposite I can tell you the time as sellers have taken that good or bad it has not turned out well in fact rarely I’m not saying it never guys but rarely does it and it had a lot of heartbreak a lot of expense a lot of time on the market that what they said starting out with all of a sudden they’re on the market for months later and all those guarantees seem to slip away.
And one situation it was almost six months they did finally sell it for far less than they ever imagined they would sell it they did have some issues with the home inspections the timing of course was complete disastrous you leery of guarantees guarantee you should be won one thing only guarantee they’re gonna do everything possible that they have a plan of action to move forward to make it happen with that thank you so much for listening to us we will catch you next week it was Ready Set Sold. I’ve been your host Bryan Vogt.

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