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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #37-01: What happens when seller chooses not to update

February 10, 2018

Welcome to Ready Set Sold with your host Bryan Vogt. Are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house but don’t know what it starts good thing you found Ready Set Sold and now real estate broker Bryan Vogt.
Today hopefully that while you’re out at morning wrong downtown St. Louis to our market that you’re also listening to us maybe via the radio or maybe the app this is Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt. Thanks so much for joining us we also have the abilities of being on 105.3 FM so you may be listening to that way also you’ll be listening from your computer because we get to be able to get streamed to so it’s streaming its apps it’s radio it’s all kinds of ways you can listen to us now, however, that is again thank you again for being here thank you for listening and supporting the show and happy Mardi Gras again.
So Mardi Gras is a fun time I’ve been down there many a time and I’ve actually worked some booths back in back in time a while back and had some fun there and you get to see a lot of sites I mean my understanding for what I know about Mardi Gras at this mine as well is the biggest outside New Orleans so I guess St. Louis ins Metro East we know how to really do it right so all good stuff with that said let’s kind of talk a little bit about background for me many of you already know those have been listening now for my gosh Nick eight months now we’ve done on air which is amazing thank you again for your support and just you know the questions we get the responses we get you on Facebook on social media is greatly appreciated the little background is I wrote this book actually it released about this time last year they became a number one best sell the seller Ready Set Sold 12 proven steps to get your home so for top dollar and a fast sale in the St. Louis Metro East.
I wrote the book from basically almost two decades of being in the business and being sharing this with other sellers and having some great success by using these tips but I want to put it all into a book because basically I’m just passionate about roll say I just love real estate I just think that there’s just so many things that are interesting that we actually do so much good for potentially so many people your home your house is your number one asset for most people it’s important for them only to go right but also to get top dollar and to have a fast sale and to have confidence and that’s one of the main reasons there are numerous reasons why.
But that’s one of the reasons why I wrote the book is to get this book out into people’s hands and as you listen to the radio program today you can get it for absolutely free no cost whatsoever you go to not .com. Pick up the book you have to put some information down but there’s no strings attached to it we’ll send it out to you use it maybe this spring maybe now maybe next year read it we’ve been told it’s a very easy read but it has some great information some powerful information that would really help sellers.\
I know if you take that to heart you’re going to have that kind of success you have more than that you use us or not that’s okay it’s more important to get the information out because I seem too many times where sellers have had some frustrations that they’ve had situations where the house has been on the market for a very long time and they just didn’t either have. The right agent or they can get the right information to them to be able to make a decision so they can get that top tower and get that fast sale and talks about just about everything from A to Z that’s why it’s 12 steps so we go to not .com pick up a book absolutely free .
With that said let’s also talk about the market and we’ve been having a very good market the started out in January we’re still going strong in February we expect that expectations are high for this year but as anyone knows what’s going to show it on putting in the book three months is your timeline so in three months time something will happen that could be good and look I’m I’m hoping for that or may not be so good depending on your location and what’s going on in your location and that’s a good indicator.
What is sold in the past three months you can sometimes go for but it’s best to kind of go what is been selling in the past three months it’s going to give you a good indication a war your ad with your market SAP so that’s important but that’s what I said the good news is things are going very very strong we haven’t seen this type of action shall we say of sellers getting what they’re asking for in a very short period of time in many cases again everything’s situational but we’re seeing that trend more and more so if you’re even thinking about you might want to again contact an agent get the book and see about getting your house in the market for the spring time let’s talk about what we’re learning to go more in depth about I’m going to kind of go back into the book today.
And the one thing I want to kind of hit upon the most sellers know already that’s the good news but unfortunately not also is known and that’s the importance of updating your house when you put a market updating your house besides your pricing it with the location is probably just as important I mean the two go hand-in-hand why is it so important I want to give you a few quick stories that might illustrate this situation where somebody was selling their houses actually happened to be in O’Fallon Illinois price range top towers between 110 120 but they needed to do some updates and they knew they need to do some updates and they knew that the carpeting it has been there for 10 years and they knew the carpeting was, still good when they bought it.
But now it’s seen better days and the painting again three to seven years is a good barometer was well past that date and some of the kitchen appliances didn’t look so hot and they knew all this and they had the funds to be able to make these adjustments some of the things they were going to look about doing themselves they had people that wanted to go ahead could paint so that was kind of a cool thing they actually had some people that could help them with the carpeting all-in-all was gonna cost him three to five thousand dollars as I said before they had the monies they had the capabilities they knew what to do but they didn’t their argument was is they wanted to sell the buyers to make those changes they were just going to go ahead and put it on the market what happened well not much when I hit the market a good rule of thumb is what most buyers say from our experience is they walk in if they go into a house that doesn’t have updates and I usually say next it’s just not worth the trouble.
Again perception is reality most buyers want to have a house move-in ready that has those things already here’s the great news they will pay top dollar for it this went on and when’s the second month and filing the third month and just singing now especially in hotter markets this is where investors can come in not always this one investor you can come in because they can kind of see the writing on the wall in the fact that matter your house been on the market three months it’s a hot market there’s something going on this could be someone ripe as they say for the pickings now this is not a knock.
Investors they play a very important role but again an opportunities an opportunity so what happened the house sold for right around $90,000 something the seller said they would never ever ever do but again three months it’s not only the money it’s just many times always complained about just wear and tear the uncertainty the unknown the pain that they go through it just it just gets to be a lot more than they imagined so they sold it for a little over ninety thousand dollars however if they would have just put that three to five thousand dollars in there’s a very good chance nothing’s guaranteed but they could have sold it between 110 and 120 so you could be a difference of literally thirty thousand dollars and that’s pretty big money for most people so keep that in mind again.
I think most hours know the importance of it we’re running a little bit short on time I’ll go into the other story it’s a more of a high-end home but this can happen in any priced home it doesn’t just have to be in a purse a sewing home meeting is 100 to maybe 175,000 or less or a little bit more are on a premium home it can happen anytime so again we’re running short on time I’ll get to the second story in the next segment again I want to encourage you to go to not .com pick up the book it’s absolutely free.
Stories like this and also more information is abundant in there I think to do yourself a favor or if not you do it for a friend and give it to a friend maybe that’s talked about selling your house it’s great information people have read it have enjoyed it and getting some great information and you gotten it the house sold for top Tower and a fast sale. With that this is Ready Set Sold, I’m your host Bryan Vogt.

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