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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #37-02: Why painting makes a huge difference

February 10, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold your host Bryan Vogt. Thanks for saying what this really appreciated happy Mardi Gras yes it makes in the first segment I have been down to Mardi Gras or more than a few occasions and had a lot of fun me just is I mean the people it’s a free spirit and good for them it’s just a free spirit and some of the outfits are pretty well but hey it’s okay nothing wrong with that nothing wrong with enjoying yourself.
Shall we side I what I kind of pick up the world we’re at from the last segment and we talked about stories about the why you should be doing the improvements the updates one of the importance of it then we talked about again a starter house 120 thousand hours hundred thousand dollars between their starter house for what most be will be for a first-time homebuyer they didn’t do the things even though they had the money’s even though they I kind of knew I guess down deep that they maybe should have they didn’t in the NA start a costume bookoo bucks I know ten twenty thirty thousand dollars however that’s on a what we call a starter house.
I say starter house first time home which are which are great first-time homebuyer house quick story about a much higher end home this happened to be a no peñalolen oil also and the home was right around $400,000 this issue was as they had a carpeting they had done the painting but the kitchens and bathrooms even though the funds were really available they just wouldn’t do it now the home was worth probably between 375 and 400 so they were great with the location I think I mentioned that the last segment so they priced it right for the location however the kitchen and bathrooms needed some help how much help probably not here as much as they thought the cabinets were in great shape it did need some it needs some painting in those kitchens.
There’s some countertops that could have been replaced all in all the bathrooms everything included maybe fifteen thousand maybe twenty thousand dollars but again remember the price range that we’re in now the situation they had the monies they had the capabilities that wasn’t the issue the issue was is that they said you know what we’re going to run the gamut a buyer will buy this home and it doesn’t mean it will never happen okay okay I’m not saying who never happened that boy is it is very very less I’ll say less likely for to happen it’s kind of that slim and none situation so what they did was is they couldn’t market they waited they waited they waited they dropped the price down to 375 nothing finally which way they stayed the course I won’t even talk about the money because I think their payments for almost three to four thousand dollars a month after ten months on the market.
Ten months they finally got an offer for about the bicker back and forth and they got it to bite 320 320 take ten months four thousand dollars forty thousand dollars potentially four hundred thousand our house we’re talking 120 thousand dollars for 15 to 20 thousand dollar FX remember everything has to be relative that’s what happened and not only that and again the pain they anguish the problems everything only happened during them that the money was important but many times as I mentioned before sellers are are just spent I mean they just spent and you don’t want that to happen to you that’s why updating is so so important so can’t give you the why so let’s just talk about that we talked about location remember you even if you price it for a location chances are you’re still going to have these issues so once we’ve established your location let’s start looking at the three things you can do.
And the first thing that we want to talk about and this doesn’t have to be an order is painting rule of thumb with painting is stay neutral beige tans they’re like Browns Gray’s I know a poplar just so you know though Gray’s can turn blue okay at my nappy direction you want to go especially in different lighting different times of the day so they can look more blue and that may not be the best option especially if the living room we’ve seen that happen a few times so again stick with the basics decide if you want to do it yourself arms more important to get a professional in there that’s kind of a 50/50 split.
You can take the paint whatever color you have again rule of thumb three to seven years after three to seven years you’re probably going to need painting so once you’ve established that you need to get the painting you can run that same color throughout the entire house it’s okay it really is so it’s not a situation where you have to sit there and say well what color for this house will you know that this house what for this room or bedroom or bathroom sellers have done it it is turned out beautiful and they have had great success with that on more than a few occasions so again just because using it in your kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t use it in your living room that’s why the importance of neutral becomes so important so painting is and quite frankly painting if you look upon it.
There’s four walls in every room so your surface area the most people are going to see is paint is the paint and if your home happens to be baking I guarantee you that’s about all they got to look at in the living rooms and in even the dining rooms or even bedrooms what have you there just isn’t much to look at you know the kitchens and bathrooms at least there’s other things that they can you on other than that so that there isn’t much to look at that’s why it can be so important to look at your painting get that taken care of talk with your agent decide again what you want to do how you want to do it I see more and more people going with the professionals just for timing taking advantage of the market catching the market while it’s still going strong that usually is a big time saver.
I think I’ve told talk stories about people who won’t do it themselves that’s okay it really is every situation is different but you have to be careful if you’re going to be a month or two month out normally that doesn’t happen but we’ve had soldiers do that so that’s why it’s never a bad idea to talk to your professional talk to your agent say who do they know maybe you know someone already that’s even better and see what that cost is and see the timing of it too because that’s the other part as I just mentioned the timing of it of you being able to do it because what we live such busy lies most of us with art with our phones with you know our phones our emails.
He’s talking to a friend and your phone is your email is yours is your texting is is everything and we tend not to get around it back in the day not to dig myself too much but back in the day you know you didn’t have that phone when you left work we’re kind of gone they couldn’t get ahold you know not so much so again we look very hectic right so always think about the professionals as a strong possibility.
Hey we’re running out of time I will be talking in the next segment more about flooring so stay tuned for that listen to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt.

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