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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #37-03: The flooring is huge to buyers

February 10, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold, I’m your host Bryan Vogt. Thanks for joining us, staying with us I know it’s Mardi Gras and I know money – I’ll start pretty early again I’ve mentioned before last year segments I have been down there I’ve worked for your sins and I worked other stands and I will just say that people get down there early not all of thee shall we say V the beer sands open but it doesn’t seem to have stopped people from having substances while they’re walking down they’re all good but be please be safe really be safe have fun but the reason why there’s uber drivers taxi drivers things like that so if you do have a few more be safe have fun enjoy yourself.
So let’s start talking about this segments business this segment we’ll be talking about pouring and the importance of fun I mentioned three to seven years on paint you’ve heard me talk about that pooling is going to be the same thing three to seven years is a pretty good parameter now sometimes it’s just kind of obvious and I said this before it bears repeating no sellers get this they really do but again there are some times and I I kind of give examples in the last two segments those who didn’t and they paid a pretty stiff price even by their own standards as far as costs and time and just see unknown but having said that warming is again three to seven years.
So look at the ploy you know where are you at with the flooring what I mean by that is is the carpeting carpeting is usually a pretty relatively cheaper thing to change and just change it change it to the beige change it to the tan and off-white the talked about the painting what color should you have you seen a theme here it’s okay these things are very neutral that’s what you want people are looking to put their furniture in their bedroom sets and look doesn’t mean that you can’t sell a house if you have blue carpeting but it could be a tough stretch I gotta be honest with you it can be a tough stretch that’s just not something that buyers are usually willing to accept even if it’s new it doesn’t mean it’s going to work so again stay with that same pattern that’s all you need to look at flooring.
So again match kind of what you’re at right now so if you have low E&N; put linoleum in your kitchen if you had ceramic tile put ceramic tile back in whatever that is but all along go with the neutral colors in your age should be able to help you with that it really should they should be able to kind of tell you basically what I’m telling you neutral hardwood floors you don’t want to add those just don’t add them you’re not going to get your money back if you’ve got carpeting stick with carpeting you might want to put in they’ve got new types of brands coming out that looks like hardwood floors that’s fine if you want to do that there’s nothing wrong with that but carpeting work just as well too.
So again making sure that everything matches up my sister-in-law who lives in Kansas City is selling her house she’s moving to Iowa with her daughter and her grandchildren and it was we had this conversation over the phone and she was talking about the carpeting and it’s the same thing I said no how long is it oldest at 3 p.m. it was over 7 years old what’s she doing she’s replacing everything she’s doing the entire fort just knocking it out matching everything the same color again it’s ok you do not have to make those switches okay you can tell them I’m stressing that because sometimes again but sellers think that there’s more to it than there is and there’s just not it’s okay to have these neutral colors there’s nothing wrong with that.
If you want to pick up color someplace else you can put accessories on the wall that’s not a problem but right now that’s what you learn focus on so we’ve gotten a flooring situation I think taken care of we kind of know what that is it’s a pretty simple thing we talked about the painting the flooring and the next time when we talk about kitchens and bathrooms and again some simple things that you really want to get done sometimes there’s a cost factor but again the cost usually never outweighs what the ultimate price that you sell if you sell it or sometimes happen for the updates and top dollar so those things are so important.
You’re listening to Ready Set Sold. I’m your host Bryan Vogt. Happy Mardi Gras! We will talk to you.

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