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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #37-04: Having updated kitchen and bathrooms is a must

February 10, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold. Here’s your host Bryan Vogt. Happy Saturday having a fantastic weekend today we’re talking about the importance of getting your house updated simple rules of thumb three or seven years 3 or 7 years for painting 37 years for flooring if it’s older than that there’s a good chance you need to change it out and get the updates we talked in the other segments but just to kind of bear repeating you do that to get top tower and get a pass sale what we didn’t have time for but I can tell you there are more times than not it might not have these updates House never sold at all.
So the stories I talked about losing twenty and thirty thousand dollars and even as much as one hundred forty thousand dollars in a higher at home they didn’t sell at all so I know situations what’s a forum does in our house that is never sold so that’s not what you want good news is sellers know that and if you don’t know that you can also pick up the book it’s absolutely free a book I wrote became a number one bestseller already set sold called proven steps to get your house sold for top dollar and pass sale in St. Louis in Metro East.
Go to not .com and pick up a copy whether that you’re going to sell this year next year even two years it’s information that I think is vital that people need to know it doesn’t have to be as shall we say scary as what many sellers go through or think and that’s why information is so important and that’s one reasons why to the radio program to is just simply getting out information that people can use this is quite frankly information that if you use it you’re going to have success that most sellers can’t even imagine with that said I also want to bring up the point you can catch the show but sometimes it is very well maybe even get chances to catch everything couldn’t hear everything and go to podcast go to the play you can go to iTunes you can find us on YouTube – on LinkedIn or on Facebook they’re Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt.
Like us on Facebook I would greatly appreciate that so even if you miss this segment or you can miss the show you can still find it other places and that’s that’s something that we really worked hard on and it’s worked out very very well and people tell us all the time that they were able to listen to maybe a segment again just to make sure that they had so again please use these resources that’s what they’re there for with that said let’s talk about our third thing a third thing when it comes to our house when I say that is we’ve gotten the painting done we’ve gotten the flooring done now we look a kitchen smash rooms good news is most people do have updated kitchens and bathrooms but again three to seven years that’s a good indication things change.
They really do yes back in the day depending how old you are gold was king for fixtures I mean to have a gold net sink but a gold faucet and gold faucets in your bathroom was I need to get much better than that and now what’s ours that have that in there are likely to hear from feedback is too much brass gold is turned to brass and so if you ever see that before you won’t you made those changes but if you ever hear about that that’s what they mean there’s too much gold there’s too much glass so golden from brass that simple so what do we need to do in our kitchens and bathrooms again neutral neutral neutral colors here in this theme this whole time stay neutral so look maybe the countertops not unusual the countertops need to be changed out maybe.
Again the faucets the flooring normally the cabinet’s don’t have to II normally sometimes they can just be repainted we furnished that’s always a better direction to go yes there are situations where chemists do have for your place just depends on how long or what kind of shape they’re in but the good news is not very often but if you do well it just a situation we need to go far because remember our whole goal is to get top Tower and a fast sale so off you look at those situations you can start picking out neutral so again if you get the paint color down you can do the same thing with your countertop so you don’t have to be some bold color.
In fact I would advise you not to go with black. Black really focuses people’s eyes and that’s all they can see so like I’ve known situations where buyers are walked into kitchens and all they focus on with the countertops and they didn’t see really the the work that was done cast nets and the flooring and everything else so again and look you’re in the situation some people don’t like black that’s why neutral Browns light Browns very very light Browns tans beiges off White’s all those things are good now if you had white cabinets you might want to do a little bit offset I wouldn’t maybe that’s where you go with a white on white can it can work but it would be a situation maybe going a little a little bit more in the beige category just to have it all suit.
Guess what flooring the same thing same thing before in your bathroom stay in your kitchen same thing we’re talking about in the bathrooms I’m use me in the kitchen we do the same things in the bathrooms so again this does not have to be difficult this does not have to be stretched in your brain again most people lo visualize you know I get that and that’s why as I put in the book doing these changes not only will get your household for top dollar most of the time but you also have a bad sale and that’s what the importance is goodness most sellers already get that they really do I’ve talked about East Coast West Coast shows a lot I think they go a little bit further that maybe they need to.
They take a little more different color schemes I don’t agree with however the one thing I do agree with and shows I’ve seen I’ve seen a few of them is the importance of updating all I’m saying is keeping it in to the neutral colors is going to happy a much better fit for quite frankly here St. Louis Midwest heartland doesn’t mean that you have a bright canary yellow kitchen that you can never sell your house but we’ve just seen them many times that the offers maybe aren’t quite as high not always but just they’re just not quite as high and by simply knocking out some of those maybe brighter colors making a ritual.
We’ve had sellers just seem to have much better success not only on pricing but on the speed of the sale so that’s really important with that set holding me back with the tip of the week thank you so much for joining us hope you’re having a blast this weekend if you’re Marty’s wrong I hope you’re having an event that much more fun. We’ll talk with you soon.

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