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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #37-05: Tip of the week: How up upgrading your updates can pay huge dividends

February 10, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend maybe that flames besides Mardi Gras I know there are other things you can do but if it’s just Mardi Gras that’s fine too if you’ve got plans to go to Eckert’s in Illinois side on Sunday maybe you’re looking to go to some place in St. Louis Botanical Gardens or whatever hopefully have a day filled with a lot of fun things for the not only this day but for the entire weekend.
Let’s kind of recap where we were at what we talked about we talked about number one the reason why you want to do the updates for your house simple fact is it’s a good way to not sell the house if you don’t have the updates number two those who do sell go through so much not only pain and anguish I relate some stories earlier in the segments but also money so it’s just like the the whole triple thing meaning is that I wanted to lose the money but they also the pain and the anguish and they could be even going through all that that they don’t even sell the house as I mentioned before so it has that scenario that can come through too.
With that being said let’s talk about the tip of the week detective the week has to do with of course updating one tip that we’ve seen sellers do and had some great success with and just recently we heard about some sellers that did this when you’re changing things and this is more on the flooring situation it can be for other things too it can be ping can be for any of these things there’s nothing wrong with the countertops number one you always want to match what your location value is so again if you have a forum for two thousand dollar house even if you had vinyl in there to begin with on your kitchen floor probably pretty good idea to put ceramic tile out.
Okay so those there can be a few exceptions okay so it’s probably a pretty good idea to have that in that price range your countertops aren’t granted that might be the time that you might want to see looking at putting granite so understanding where you’re at and making sure that Union agents are pricing your house putting the updates and that match your location and what buyers basically perception of what should be in this particular house that’s really important when sellers do that they can have some great success nothing’s guaranteed they can work out very very well we’ve seen it happen more times than not just recently as I mentioned someone did that not only do you have the updates the upgrades but guess what you get your household per tapped hour and a fast sale and that’s really what most people are looking to do.
This for our sellers go if it your house is it you know maybe they percent homebuyer ring maybe 180 to 200 thousand dollars whatever that looks like in your location it’s never a bad idea to take it one step further so you have carpeting mats or carpeting what you had at least what was in there and upgraded once that could be the pattern could be the carpeting itself so again it’s never a bad idea you can use that in your remarks as far as when the agents talking about the house not only had you have new carpeting but you have up Raley carpeting again those are things that buyers love to hear and you can have some great success with it so stay with that stay with those ideas and you’re gonna have some great success.
You’re listening to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt. Have a happy weekend see you next time bye-bye.

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