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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #38-04: Success stories for sellers!

February 17, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt and we’ve been talking about it all show but I’m gonna probably put a little more emphasis on it in this segment here and that is the market we’ve been seeing someamazing things in our market just beginning in January first things such as houses selling we listen the house and in nine hours we got an offer accepted offer full price offer another house that actually hadn’t even hit the market and it got a full price offer houses being on the market one day and yes bears repeating getting a full price offer now with everything there’s always going to be some exceptions but again when a market is moving up the way this is going in.
The spring market is gearing up basically those exceptions get a little bit less as far as what your pricing is going to be but still your chances now more than ever a getting top dollar and a fast sale house what’s we never been as good at least the last three years but personally I think it’sleavin longer than that well we had this type of success many people if you follow sometimes in is even here in the East Coast the West Coast for for some time now and I can tell you we just haven’t had that type of success until now I will tell you that I am so bullish on the spring market.
We are definitely contacting people that maybe had another agent and it did not work out maybe last year just even a few months ago maybe they didn’t have there maybe they expire wing is their contract run out for the listing agreement in November or even October and a lot of those people were finding that we like you are just a little nervous they were told one thing through various things maybe the agent said a lot of things that maybe weren’t true maybe they didn’t do the things they wanted to it happens unfortunately we have all kinds of plans and programs that they can take that away but having said that still it’s important to to give no shot we’ve just seen numbers such as of seeing inventory down to record lows embell else wants the Evansville Mascoutah things that we just haven’t seen before.
When I say record lows I’m saying sometimes as low as 30% down from a year ago to date this is and I think most sellers know this and most buyers know this ooh this is a supply and demand business period and supply and demand when supply is low demand rises and that’s where you want to be at when use times highness on your house it doesn’t mean if you’re a buyer that there still isn’t some deals coming up that you can’t find the home that you’re looking for but again as things move forward if you’re thinking about buying same thing for you yeah this is the time you need to start getting pre-approved from New American funding we had Dave Hohe on 2 today go with them talk with them get that lender get someone in there that you knows can take care of it because as things move forward as we’re seeing the spring market.
You want to be a part of that and we’re seeing more and more buyers coming out of the woods to that maybe for whatever reasons maybe credit whatever the situation was it weren’t a be able to buy a home are now doing everything they can to put themselves in position to take advantage of this market – because sellers are getting their asking price more times than not saying every time but if you price your house for your location you would be amazed you’d be amazed what people are getting and this is February let me repeat this is February very important to understand that we haven’t hit the spring market yet and in the metro ease if sellers probably already know this as some effect on St. Louis.
Not as much the military comes in March so that’s another layer of reasons of having your house on the market ready to go by ideally no later than March 1st and we’re really pushing this so success what we’re seeing is something that we just haven’t seen as they say spring has sprung if you’re thinking about selling your home this is the time to do it not just us and success we’re seeing agents were hearing agents all across the board having tremendous success one of the things as agents and most different businesses and groups of businesses have and that is Facebook groups and I cannot tell you how many times on Facebook posts that are gear for Realtors that Realtors are just almost begging looking for houses and not just starter homes.
We’re talking about high-end homes we’re talking in the Metro East 300 $400,000 as many and even higher that people are trying to find by assuming Asians of trying to find houses that are least coming onto the market so that’s when we’re talking about is if you’re thinking about it if you just maybe it’s been three years maybe you’re trying to three years ago didn’t have success or even two years ago or even three months ago things are changing like anything we talked about this many times this is a show at all here we talking about three months it doesn’t mean that in three months time that the market is going to go bad.
But we don’t know we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen but we know in the spring market that we’re going to have some success that the sellers that that pulled the trigger they called us or called they’re an experienced agent are going to have success that they probably didn’t think it was possible even six months ago even three months ago for that matter that’s the type of success that we are talking about here of course there’s always going to be a few exceptions here and there but again those are usually the exceptions if you have a house that you’re looking to sell.
Bottom line is this is the time and if you’re waiting I don’t like quite sure why you’re waiting but you really really need to get this done again inventory is low supplying demand very simple analogy if you have 100 buyers and you have 10 houses that is going to raise prices it’s also going to speed up the process of buying a the house they move faster conversely if you have 100 houses and 10 buyers which would seems like we’ve had for the last so many years it’s going to affect your pricing on the negative it’s really that simple just breaking it down to the simple as I can why we’re seeing when we say 30% reduction in inventory those are huge numbers now everywhere but again in many areas of people are really looking for houses and they can’t find them plus the military coming in which makes it even that much more important if you have any doubt.
Although I want to throw out to you the pre-book race has sold 12 proven steps to get your house sold for top dollar and fast sale get the book today just go to not .com get the book will give to the mail to you let’s get moving I’ll be back with the tip of the week you listening to Ready Set Sold.

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