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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #38-05: Tip of the Week: If your agent hasn’t told you the good news, find another agent!

February 17, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold and before we get into the tip of the week it’s a good idea to kind of review what we talked about today number one if you’ve heard anything it’s the market the market the spring market is looking to be the best we’ve had in years repeat years we talked about the importance if you’re looking to buy and again many times ninety ninety-five percent times sellers are going to become buyers the importance of getting pre-approved and going with a lender that you know and can trust and has the experience such as New American Funding Dave Hoey we talked about that importance and there is a range of different ways that buyers can get loans which is a good thing for sellers.
However we do have that holding ourselves on kind of the back burner interest rates are going up all in all that’s a good thing it says that the markets can can withstand it but of course we don’t want them to go up too high so I mentioned the last segment three months we definitely don’t want them to go crazy that is going to have the exact opposite effect so the spring market becomes so important to take advantage of so here’s my tip of the week very simply if you call an agent and you’re living in Belleville Townsville Arizonan carbonless kuta cambia wherever that is swansea Shiloh wherever that may be and they’re not psyched about selling your home or the markets at you need to call someone else.
You just do they either whack the knowledge or the experience of knowing what’s going on with the marketplace simply put if they’re not excited if they’re not saying we need to get you on the market now are as soon as is it possible and you probably take the wrong agent they should be beating at your door seriously we are literally going some places and looking for people that again didn’t have success last year maybe they went off the market in December remember we’re seeing changes that we haven’t seen before so if your agent is not excited is not beating at your door.
Ideally if you have an agent that you work with in the past they’re calling you I mean we were literally beating the bushes going to people everywhere in anywhere letting them know that this market is going to be a market that we have a scene like forever so hopefully your agent is contacting you and telling you either email or Facebook or calling you or texting you or whatever and letting you know that would be a big thing in their favors if they know what’s coming up too because that’s what’s coming up at our market hill.
With that said again want to thank by my special expert guests and sponsor Dave Hohe of New American funding brought some great information also just a for a minute you can get us on podcast every show is get their own podcast and all you have to do is go to Google Play or iTunes and you can go to great set sold it’s all there please like us on Facebook Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt and enjoy the rest of your week again spring has sprung if you’re looking at selling now is the time contact us call my hotline 6182102451 contact your agent they should have already contacted you FYI.
Have a great week. We’ll see you next week bye bye.

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