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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #39-01: Renee Wittenauer: Importance of the property manager understanding military needs

February 24, 2018

Welcome to Ready Set sold with your host Bryan Vogt. Are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house but don’t know what it starts. Good thing you found Ready Set sold and now real estate broker Bryan Vogt.
Good morning welcome to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt. How are you all doing this fine February Saturday hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. I know I am and hopefully you are too we’ve got some great conference to talk about today one of the things that when we talk about really be honing in on most people in the metro least already know that the military is a large part of the housing that’s also leasing that’s also buying and selling and this is the time we’re just coming right upon it and that’s in March is when they get most of their orders coming in they know they’re coming here to Sky Force Base in the Metro East and they’re going to have to make some decisions.
Of course the orders go the same way and the orders go that people are told that they’re moving at the scatter Force Base area and going someplace else so that’s always kind of a situation where it’s a timing thing what to do sometimes there’s some indecision of what to do how to do it and that’s why I’m so happy to have our special expert on today and guest and sponsor or named wooden Tower of he’s so property management good morning man how are you done I’m doing fantastic I’m doing fantastic that’s a lot of things that we’re talking about here so we’ll kind of break it into segments but I think the first thing that maybe we want to talk about is that last week those who were listening talked about that we’re going to have a surge that we haven’t seen before as far as the market being very hot.
We haven’t seen this in a very long time and the spring markets going to be hot but that creates somewhat of a dilemma because the military coming in not everybody is looking to buy it could be a scarcity we don’t know that yet but that’s why I having somebody like well like you guys in any property management know what the military needs are and they have some specific needs versus someone renting locally correct yeah a lot of military you know just needs as far as what their families want but you know not everybody wants to live on base they want to live off-base in a community and it’s a community that they’re not familiar with so they just need that extra attention to detail to help them figure out where they want to live and how they want to live for years with our family.
Why I think that’s something that that sometimes goes unnoticed because the military needs at least on the on the buying side we come in but I’m sure it’s a sentient lease inside you know their timing is so critical it’s not it’s not again like the average maybe renter where somebody’s coming in and they kind of I won’t say lollygag but they have their time and maybe that this month and it would be an apartment right now and they can go and maybe next month in the timing of it and what we find on the buying side I would think that same thing and leasing side that when they come in they need attention right now and we need they have to be a priority correct absolutely yeah a lot of them you know they may be showing up on Friday and they’re pulling out of town on Saturday you know and they got those select few days that they need to find a house so you really have to find out what their specific needs are.
So you don’t waste their time showing up properties that may not work for them the move in timing is very very critical too because the military is moving them at a certain time and they have their you know their orders and the mover scheduled for a specific date so you really have to have everything done like clockwork because that’s what they need you to do in order to make it as less stressful on them as possible what would be the time thing you’ve had such so much experience working with the military what does a tiny thing look like so they do come in Friday is a situation where they can really start moving in on a Saturday is that too sharp is there still a timeline.
What is typically a military person expect I’ve had both I’ve moved people in on the same day before you know so if they come to town and they show up with you know small u-haul truck and they say we have you know we can get movers coming in on Monday you want to do what you have to do in order to make that happen for them nobody wants to double do a double move whether you’re military or not they don’t want to have to go live in a hotel or temporary on-base for a couple days so definitely expediting things as you need to and go in that extra mile to move them and then I’m gearing up a lot of our owners and our team for coming up with spring break and Easter a lot of military people are going to come into town so we’ll be really busy over those days and they might be looking but not to move until May or June.
But they want to see inventory now they want to lock in something now while they’re here they want to sign them like lease they want to put down the deposit and then they want to leave so they don’t have to worry about it again and then they want to show up on June 1st and have the property ready for them so they can just do a straight move and have all of their household goods come and then they’re done and you know they don’t have to worry about it so you get them both I think you get a you know you get a good influx of people that do need that quick super fast I have to make this happen move but then we also you know like I said get the people that they don’t want to move for two or three months but they want to get it done and lock it in so they have the peace of mind and know that they have a place and they’re not stressed at the last minute.
That’s an excellent point and I think sometimes people that aren’t in the military that may be either releasing or if they’re selling their house that is actually that’s a great point to make because it works the same thing on the buying side that many times they’ll come in March but they want to try to make them move in May or June when they actually have to be here or maybe a week or two beforehand and getting those things lined up getting that Oh quite frankly right now you know this to wherever you’re living you got to know where you go look okay that’s a big stress point I think sometimes if you’re non-military and I’ve not ever served but just working with so many military.
And over that you have to is that you it’s hard to imagine engine that you’re told you know this is where you’re going to find something and that’s your time right I mean that’s it I mean that’s it’s not it’s not necessarily that again that you wait till next month and I think that’s such an excellent point on the buying side when a seller’s looking to sell house but also on the leasing if you’re trying to lease something be prepared that there could be a month or two months away correct right yeah there definitely could be a delay on the same token to you have you know if a house is available July 1st but you have somebody that looks at it and they really want they need to move somewhere June 15th you know you don’t want to be black-and-white be like no I’m sorry it’s not available till July first go to you know we will go to the owners will say is there any way you can move out early.
You know can you move out two weeks early can you even get out one week early so you want somebody that’s going to try to you know explore all avenues to make it work because it might be that you know somebody does need to move out earlier to get somebody in you know to accommodate this other move it might be holding the house longer than you normally would so they are definitely a timeline with it and you know you want whenever you’re looking for a property manager to help you do that you know especially military you want to find a property manager that’s going to partner with it you know not just be.
These are the steps you know here’s our rules go out find yourself let us know if you’d like anything I mean truly find a partner that’s going to help give them that information and welcome to this area and make sure all the logistics are taken care of so all they have to do is show up and move in you know and I think that is so critical and that’s one thing I love about what you do you’ll be doing this for forever and just understanding that simple thing that is just it’s it’s like you said it’s just not go here’s a list of houses go drive by hope you know good luck let me know if you can get in there it’s more of you know let’s win this together we understand your needs we appreciate that and I think also here if you’re working to be sure your house and you know this Renee but maybe to bring a little bit more light to it.
This isn’t usually month-to-month situations right these are this could be a year this could possibly be two years for whatever this is long term so this is a win-win-win for everybody hello gosh yeah I love two to three year leases a lot of military you get or locked in for that three years unless of course they get military orders so you always want to make sure that your mill is your leases have the military orders in there for both some the landlord as well as a tenant too because if you do have an owner military they could get orders coming back here so so yeah I mean it’s all super important but getting that two to three year lease it has less turnover less expensive less worry less headaches and everything for the owner as well as a tenant so I love locking in for those long-term leases because then nobody has to worry about it and it’s a good experience for everybody and I love that too.
And I think just one last point on that because we’ll be talking more about that on the people that are is there any move in the next segment but I think that that what’s so important too is that the military what they’re just great anyway I mean what they do the sacrifices they make but but they are can be by far I would think you would agree some of the best reserves you could possibly ever have for your house yes yeah they are they have an extra level of accountability and it’s you know knock on wood my military tenants as long-term tenants ends up being a good experience for everybody you know if you have an owner that has to rent really quick because they got last-minute orders and there’s not enough time for them to sell it works out great because usually we get the house back in good condition and the owners can just throw it up you know.
Back on the sales market three years later and it’s you know just as they just moved out of the house not that there’s been a tenant there for three years so they really do take care of it like it’s their own as you know most good tenants do but definitely the military also he ran out of time in this thing we’ll be back the next thing because we’ll be talking about the military that are leaving that me want to come back but they will release the property and what they need to do you will see Ready Set Sold with your host Bryan Vogt.

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