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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #39-04: Renee Wittenauer: Realtors and leasing companies should work together

February 24, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend you don’t like the weather just wait a few hours that’s just how it is that’s how it’s always been I’ve been talking here with Rene Wittenauer from Cecil Property Management and Rene we’ve been talking a lot about the leasing part of it and when the lease and this is a perfect time for especially the military been coming in the military but there is also the other market too and we were talking last segment about horror stories and just recently we heard one that was really really bad and unfortunately it becomes a common thing.
The person rented it out they went entire year repeat that entire year trying to get the person to pay their rent and this was not what the property management this was just with them trying to do it do it themselves they wound up $20,000 in the hole it’s a nice house and when they got in they had to put in another ten to fifteen thousand dollars in order to sell it so so the problem that comes into play even if you’re thinking about going this alone somebody has to be there too shall we say be the bad guy and that’s you guys which I would just say on my own not all property managers are you’re in there to protect the rights of the individual of the homeowners correct absolutely yeah we’re the messenger so we’re going to be the ones you know kind of a good cop bad cop you know the owners can be the good cop or the bad cop and we’re the ones and they’re truly being the eyes and the ears following the rules.
And forcing the leases and guiding the outcome to be to benefit the owner because the owners are our clients so for sure yes and that really is important no to have that that strong background because again I’ve heard other stories will not name the companies but that where nothing happened and people were just absolutely pulling their hair out and in times where quite frankly they didn’t know the people out I mean that’s it sounds amazing but we’ve had people tell us that they didn’t know that the renter’s left especially military if they’re out of state they don’t know what’s going on you as a property management you have to be the eyes and ears I mean you have to pay some attention and I think that’s so important when you’re when you’re making that choice.
And that’s why I see so management is really the company that we just you know recommend hands down they just haven’t proven track record of doing things the right way and caring about their people so right yeah you have to look at it like you know it’s your own property how would you watch your own property how would you want your you know the own outcome of your rental property to be so yes I mean the property manager has to be your eyes and ears and if they don’t know what’s going on with your property well then nobody does you know so it’s very important for the property manager to lead the way with it I’ve had this – I’ve had the situation that that I’ve heard stories not that long ago where they had a property management company wasn’t yours but another property management company and how the people found out about it was the neighbors.
They said you realize what’s going on with your house okay and that’s that’s not you know no one’s perfect but again taking those extra procedures that you have in place doing those extra things trying to avoid those issues before they happen that’s what you’re looking for in a property management company yeah you marlyne the proactive yeah it’s all about proactive communication nothing reactive and yeah I mean it’s it’s embarrassing and I you know I feel bad for the people that find out from their neighbors because that’s it’s not acceptable you know you do have your four stories you know here and there that happen but but it should not be a frequent thing it shouldn’t be happening and if you have open lines of communication you know you should know but you know your tenants would openly communicate and say hey we’re moving out you can relay to the owners I mean it’s it’s just I can’t stress enough the proactive Kayson piece that is huge that’s true want to get into though one of the things that sometimes comes up for us is we have a buyer – a seller / possibly rental.
They’re leaving they don’t know what to do they don’t know if they should rent it out it should not they don’t know if they should sell it what’s going to happen those type of situations and I think that you guys have this I don’t know this we talked about this earlier but I know our policy one of the things if you’re talking about the rotor there is a timeline that that will put you into but in the end of the day our job is to do what’s best for you and sewing we hope is going to be a great thing we keep the markets going to be fantastic but sometimes sometimes it’s not sometimes the just the things just aren’t going to work out the way that they want doesn’t happen often but it does happen and I think having open communications.
Our policy is very simple we will put your house on the market but we’ll also say look if if if there’s concerns let’s also see about the other side of the coin let’s get in a property management company like Cecil management and let’s assess it and let’s put both of them on so you need a renter or you can sell it you guys work the same way yes absolutely and you know I love whenever a sales agents willing to do that because that shows that you’re truly working for the clients best interest you know they military orders whatnot have to move it quick they need whatever they can get if they can rent it or if they can sell it and if it sells first I remove it off the rental market no strings attached you know if it rents first and the sales agent would do the
same and that’s truly the property manager in the sales broker working together for the client.
And then that partnership can continue whenever the tenants are moving out and then they’re ready to try selling it again so then the property manager in the sales agent can partner together again at the same time make sure the property is ready and then market it as well you know just to do it and it really does benefit the clients on it for sure what’s best for the client that’s all we’re really talking about and I will tell listeners out there I would check with your realtor you know again you know we’re talking about planning and Renee has been talking about that too on the real estate side you need to be having a conversation open and honest conversation with your your seller that’s what your Realtor should be doing and finding out what is really going to work out the best.
And maybe selling is a better option but maybe leasing is a better option or maybe doing both but making sure that you’re working together that and that’s the thing and I think it kind of will wrap up the segment that we’ve been talking about this morning and what I love what you said Renee it’s a client it’s the person who’s the homeowner the rest will work its way out maybe later down the road you’ll be able to sell it and vice versa maybe if it sells maybe down the road there will be another opportunity to run it and that’s really the partnership you want to have when you’re dealing with your Realtor and with your property manager don’t you agree definitely yeah it’s not about us it’s not about the sales broker it’s about the client and it’s truly what they need what they want you know.
Sometimes you have a tenant moves in there and the tenant ends up buying the house you know so rental may not doesn’t mean that they’re not going to sell it it just means that they’re going to delay selling it so eventually it’ll come full circle for everybody I agree I agree hey we’re at time fantastic stuff Renee really appreciated I think that is if you have any questions if you want to further this on please contact Renee Wiitenauer. Renee what’s the best way to for people to contact you we have our office number cecil management at 626 – 446 10 you can also catch us through email at awesome and I tell you what great stuff always like talking with you and if you’ve got someone who is even thinking about leasing or you’re thinking about leasing these are the guys to talk to they really are ok. We ran out of time Renee thank you so much we will be talking down the road

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