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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #39-05: Tip of the Week: Now is the time to sell!

February 24, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt. We have been talking a lot about leasing but also the ability of selling the more about the leasing part because the military is a big piece of the pie in the Metro East and St. Louis too but Metro East in Belleville O’Fallon Mascoutah Swansea even a Brazil Colombia that has such a use impact on the housing market and making sure that if you are a military person and you’re needing to leave you want to make sure that you get the right property management company and I will tell you right now hands down just on a personal level we’re going witnaur Cecil management there’s nothing better that I ran across and I’ve talked to a lot of them businesses a long time.
Seeing a lot of things and they’re just the best so if you have that situation and want to employ you to reach out to them and let them take care of you if you’re leasing are you looking for a place to live with that though tip of the week I’m I can be a broken record I might be broken record for next couple weeks on the selling side the market the spring market is going to be unbelievable and my tip is the same as last week if your agent hasn’t called you as in contact you sector email hasn’t done anything letting me know first off I am secondly if you’re looking to sell they still haven’t let you know you might want to find another agent because right now we are literally beating the bushes.
I have friends on Facebook I have past clients you name it whenever I get a chance I’m letting people know the market is going to explode this point it’s already seeing fantastic things already we’ve also seen houses selling for full price and one day getting contracts two days full price some night even hit the market getting pull price we have not in the Metro East in particular the Swansea shadow Faneuil and Mascoutah area in years so again my tip of the week if you are thinking of just thinking about selling contact your agent and again they should have contacted you if not contact me contact me personally six one eight to ten twenty four thirty one give me a call it’s that important and even if you’re on the market last year and didn’t have success I can tell you things have changed.
The numbers are in your favor there is so little supply mean supply and demand is our business that’s the houses that is going to be a real problem so getting your house back on the market even if you didn’t sell it even if it expired whatever the situation is get it back on the market may take a month or so maybe two months but it’s probably going to sell your chances are going to be fantastic so hey like us on Facebook also please if you would we’ll go to not .com pick up the book I have a book Ready Set Sold Twelve Proven Steps to get your house sold for top dollar and a fast sale St. Louis Metro East get that book now is the time many sellers have been waiting for a very long time your time has come have a fantastic weekend we will see you next week. This is Ready Set Sold bye bye.

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