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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #40-04: Why is your house not on the market?

March 3, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold so I am your host Bryan Vogt and before we get into more information some good information I’m gonna be laying shortly I want to reach out and let people know that I had a listener talk to me just the other week and they were talking about that they missed the show was some information they wanted to catch but they missed the show and didn’t get to hear it.
Here’s the great news all of our shows are on podcasts you can go to google play you can go to iTunes you can look up ready set sold they’re all individually marked so if there’s specific topic that you wanted to listen to you can listen to that topic or you can put that listen to the whole show whatever you want to do but our but our goal is that we really want to get information out to people that’s one of the things that we want to do with the radio program with a book Ready Set Sold 12 proven steps to get your house sold so this is just another way of being able to find the information that you need that you want to be able to make the decisions to get your house sold for top dollar and past sale so it gets important to know sometimes I’ll be stuck somebody other day they missed the program they may got half of it to catch the whole thing.
So again this is a great way a great vehicle that you can get that information readily available also YouTube we’re on YouTube we’re practically everywhere with the radio program again we feel it’s important to get this information out so that can truly help sellers sell the biggest asset that most sellers will ever sell and that is their house understanding is a lot of things riding on this and information is what in essence what rotors give but not just information proven information that can get to a house so for top tower in a fast sale with that in mind the book a lot of we’ll have already gotten the books and radio program I appreciate that so much that’s fantastic but again if you are just thinking even maybe not this year.
I would strongly encourage you to really talk to an agent for this spring market but even if it is down the road get the book now again it’s 12 proven steps that you can write frankly kind of walk through the process it’s very easy to read I’ve gotten that from that just only friends but from sellers that have read it it’s a very easy read but it’s packed full of information that can potentially save you from losing dollars and that is simply doing updates that you really didn’t need to do or making sure that you have the updates that you need to make sure that the process is going to go smooth and you are going to get top tower and a fast sale and that’s ultimately what we’re looking for some more good news with the market again there is literally housing shortage in the Metro East I don’t think I’ve been able to say that for a very very long time.
And when I say housing shortage I’m talking about them across the board from Ed Roseville Alton all the way down to Columbia and Laurel loop out to in Clinton County I mean this is this is something that is if you are seller you should be aware of this is this is exactly what you’re looking for this is the time to pull the trigger we’re just seeing numbers after numbers of from last year to year to date there just isn’t enough houses on the market and we’re talking some dramatic percentages in some places we’ve seen ten twenty thirty percent less houses on the market think about that no state as I think most sellers most people know is a supply and demand market that’s how this market is driven and just to give a simple example I’ve given this before but I think it’s important to repeat if you have ten house for sale and you have a hundred buyers our 50 buyers or whatever that is.
Whatever the ratio is larger then you have a seller’s market you have a market to where the sellers that command what they’re asking for and getting a fast sale of course for the last I know how many years we seem to struggle in parts of the Metro East at least and that is it’s been the exact opposite that you’ve had much more houses so again using a simple analogy of a hundred houses and you have ten buyers well the cost everything else is going to be dramatically shifted in the favor of the buyers that shift now has changed as sellers and we want to make sure we’re getting that news out to the sellers.
It’s so important again success story ups a success story of people putting their houses on the market know of a house that one on the market in one week’s time they had three offers on that house those things you just haven’t been happening for a very long time and so now the sellers in a position of not negotiating but just picking which one they want and ultimately that’s what sellers want to have they want to have that ability to be able to pick and that’s a that’s a great thing to be into it doesn’t mean that every house of course is going to be in that situation there’s always going to be some exceptions doesn’t mean that everyone’s going to get three or four or even multiple offers I’m not saying that.
But again we are seeing these things more often than we ever used to in the last I can’t remember the last time that we’ve had this type of the market so that’s the point I want to make and yes there are still some even fewer exceptions but there are places where but whatever reason the market hasn’t taken off for that particular area it doesn’t mean you can’t sell your house but again they are small segments they’re not very large usually but there are segments but that is they exception not the rule.
So with that said always offering the book go to ready said so or calm it’s absolutely free I can’t make me forget that but just so you know it is absolutely free no strings attached whatsoever go to not .com and pick up the book today as you order it call us call realtor whatever but start to process moving get your house ready for the spring market and remember we talked last week about the military the military orders are coming in and March everyone will have their orders don’t know for a fact where they’re going so this is a huge time to be having your house positioned on the market already.
I’ll be back in a few with the tip of the week.

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