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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #40-05: Tip of the week: Why even a hot market updates count

March 3, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I am your host Bryan Vogt thanks so much for joining us this week you really appreciate it I’ve been kind of recapping what we talked about we talked with Joe Harnist President of Harnist Insurance a person who has 40 years of experience that’s not counting his staff and his team behind him that I think we knows their stuff they really do they know they know the insurance inside and out business and they can be great asset to contact we talked about really the spring and sometimes the flooding that may occur and what you can do by making sure you have that coverage if your house is going on the market are not going on the market but it’s going on the market.
The last thing you want to have is a flood and it doesn’t happen often but a sewer backup or something along those lines if it does you want to make sure you have that coverage that if something goes mess that you have the monies while the house is on the market versus having to try and pay for it while you’re trying to sell the house that’s not usually good combination the other thing is the second segment we talked about roofs and the importance of roofs it’s basically if it gets hail call your insurance company call someone don’t wait it doesn’t have to leak to have damage to ins you want to get that taken care of especially if you’re selling your house now.
I mean that becomes even more imperative something goes long also talked about the idea of storms coming in winds blowing Dannette tornado but there are things out there trampolines and that they can cause some have it maybe not only maybe not your house but you don’t have them at your next-door neighbor does so that’s important too and the last thing we talked about Joe was this the idea of replacement value and the importance of understanding present value isn’t market value and making sure you’re talking with the trusted professional insurance and getting the coverage that you need with that said we also talked about the spring market and I’m gonna continue on to the spring market for the next few weeks because it is just so so important.
I cannot stress you enough if your house has not been on the market or maybe you pulled it off the market I should say even last two months three months it’s time to consider getting it back on the market talking to a professional the tip of the week is that even with this have more hot market you still want to do the things that you need do to get the updates because that’s just going to you can propel your house even to new levels and so top dollars can be you know quite frankly when you start talking these full price offers these are houses that have really been a little bit sometimes a little bit more of updates done the right things they use the book but they’ve gotten information from their agent either way.
But they’ve had some great success so even a hot market that does not mean and this is the tip I really want to stress it doesn’t mean that well anything goes it doesn’t mean that your house won’t sell if you don’t have these things because of the market however you’re probably not going to have a speed and I could pre or guarantee you you’re not going to get the prices you could have if you have done the updates if you’ve done the simple things as far as staging all this is in the book make sure you pick up the book so again don’t forget that if you are looking to sell your house get the book still stay so with the formula it works in any market in this market it works even better than you have a hot one.
I’m your host Bryan Vogt thanks so much for joining us we think that we’ll be back next week

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