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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #41-04: Authored a new book!

March 10, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt we’ll be talking a lot about blending today with Deb Rust of New American funding in particular basically making sure that you’re talking to a qualified lender I know it may not be again for people especially having bought a house before but I haven’t bought their own home but it’s really important that you pick a lender that has the experience that has the knowledge that can work through the process of getting a loan and making them smoothly efficiently and it works in your best interest means there’s still different types of loans out there to make sure that you’re getting the right one for you so that’s really important especially with the market being as house.
It is we really want to make sure that buyers have that information I can tell you that we have already ran into situations we know stories of situations the buyers have pulled the trigger thinking that they had had the credit score that particular lender only did a credit score farm and they thought they had the monies and it wasn’t until much later down the road that their dream home went up into an era when they found out they couldn’t pull the trigger and again those are just things that if you’re looking to buy are if you’re a seller again 90 95 or 7 times sold you’re going to be buyers also but you know how much you can put down what you should put down get some get some serious advice and that’s really important with that said talked about the market I’ve been talking about the market really now for last 3 to 4 weeks.
Incredible numbers I mean we really are getting to a situation of a shortage in many areas I mean we’re talking the entire metro least so that’s really important to know if you are thinking just thinking about buying out assuming well buying a home because usually if you’re selling when you’re gonna buy one but if you’re looking to sell your house this is the time we haven’t seen these numbers forever so again talk to your agent get the book I think most of you know by now has great success with it many people have gotten the book Ready Set Sold is the name of the book it’s called Ready Set Sold 12 proven substitute your household for top Tower and a fast sale and it’s right it’s absolutely free no strings no nothing it deals more with the metro east.
It goes with really the heartland we’re at it doesn’t have what’s going on the East Coast West because it’s two different markets a totally different markets it talks about what you need to do to get your house sold for top dollar and a pass sale and even though there are times where people in these hotter markets sometimes sellers unfortunately gets mad information actually from your agency you don’t have to just you don’t do that as far as updates and things that nature I totally disagree with that in fact the exact opposite happens you runs the risk of still having that same situation of being passed over and that’s not something any seller wants to have so you want to make sure you’re having those things done people who do have great success making those updates Somers I think get that so that’s the good news must get that already but sometimes the agents kind of step in and create some problems and that’s never a good thing.
Something else I wanted to know so I just I just launched another book I finished another book believe it or not it’s called agent advantage and it basically is a book mostly mostly for realtors and also far Deborah Sugarman it isn’t advantage how rules that Asian St. Louis metro east can make more money and it’s just geared to again agents how they can do better work for their clients how they can bring more value to them help them in more ways so that they can have more sales that the sellers can have quicker turnarounds as far as selling the property and getting top down also for brokers many times there’s a lot of things that I would just say that I don’t necessarily agree with it I put it book as far as brokers not all course but many brokers tend to have a set see that they have all their agents charge I don’t think that’s I use don’t think
that’s the American Way so to speak I don’t think that’s a good thing.
I think that it should be open and I think it would be a win-win for everybody I think the brokers would see value in that I think the agents would see value in that and of course the sellers to see value in that so the seller is actually being able to make a decision based on that agent and yes part with that company too but that agent and what they’re able to bring in value so again it’s kind of filled with that kind of information there’s just chapter after chapter talking about that it’s something that I think probably is been needed for a long time that’s a my personal opinion I’ve been doing this now close to two decades and there’s just some things that I think we can always better our industry we have a great industry I think all in.
All agents do a fantastic job I know I know if you’re on that and you’re listening right now there could be a few groans yes or a few bad apples out there but overall I would say that agents do a very good job they do the best they possibly can with what they have so anyway that is actually became a bestseller this week as we’re talking we taped this on Wednesday so Saturday I’m hoping to be in number one bestseller on Amazon so that would be really cool that’s what half of my last Oakridge said so anyway I just wanted to bring that out reasons why I wrote the book was to actually improve our industry for everyone not only for the Asians but for the Realtors and also of course for our clients and those are the sellers and potentially buyers too but mostly on the selling side of making sure that it’s I just say this way it’s a fair point board.
That would be the kind of recap is take away now be talking more about the book as we go on but I just kind of want to let that know what I’m up to always to try and improve our weight industry and I think it’s going to be a good thing and so far the reception has been pretty well so I’m going to conclude with that I’m really happy with that we’re we coming back in the next segment of again with the tip of the week but again I’ll let you know that you can listen to these programs you don’t catch them all on Saturdays I get it sometimes you just busy doing this that another on Saturday mornings maybe you missed part of a segment you catch half of a segment I just talked to somebody that didn’t catch the whole segment last week had some questions as simple as going to Google Play are going to iTunes and going to Ready Set Sold and their podcast and the podcasts are all individually set up so you can go to what program you want what information you want to do.
You can replay it whatever you need to do so just another way that we’re trying to get the information out so that sellers and yes or seller’s that you could become buyers you can get the information up they need to make the decisions that’s best for them they’re listening to Ready Set Sold I’ll be back with the tip of the week

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