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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #42-03: Staging tips

March 17, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt and we’ve been talking to previously the last few seconds with Rene Wittnaur of Cecil Management she had some great information again about leasing about buying what should you do how to really find out what property manager you should use she’s a true Pro at in the business and again I just on personal level what I always recommend her for your leasing needs property management needs whatever those might be with that said we’re going to be talking about again last month have been talking about that how hot the market is and how things are just moving moving moving moving but I also want to remind people that one of the reasons why that is a lot of these people are using some of the steps in my book and that is about staging.
And staging is still an important factor it doesn’t mean you’re going to get more money from staging at home unfortunately an East Coast West Coast they’ll start talking about well you spend two thousand dollars into twenty it doesn’t happen here however simple effective ways of staging your home can be difference of getting a faster sale which is possible and also they tend to be higher as far as their pricing not always but many times when a house is as a staging when the buyers walk in you can make a difference in the bottom line from where those offers come in and houses that aren’t staged you don’t have the things that they need to make the buyer even want the house even more and so let’s kind of review some of those things that it’s in the book.
But just to kind of highlight some of those they’re so simple so easy that people can do number one lighting they’ll look the idea of putting all your lights on literally all your lights on that could be in a china hutch if you have that that could be in in your bathroom the bathroom light in the shower you want to make sure that people are not only aware of those little nice features but it just gives a the impression that that this is it’s like they’re having visitors over it’s like think about if you’re the seller but you’re having your guests over a dinner party and you wanted to showcase your home that’s the same thing that you’re looking at when you look at staging and lighting and lighting also includes the fact of blinds be prepared to bring those blinds up or open those blinds to make sure that natural sunlight comes in.
Remember this is the first time the buyers are seeing this and natural sunlight is a big seller and if they can see that the natural light comes in again gives them a nice warm feeling that they’re going to have the same experience when they purchase your house also the other parts about it too is seeing cooling and this sometimes comes into a factor it can create doubt and buyers Minds when I say eating and cooling I understand that when both people work that’s pretty standard sometimes they will get it reduce the heating down lower are they if it’s during the summertime they will raise it up so there’s nobody in the house strongly encourage you to definitely make sure the key and cooling system is a comfortable level that you’re normally at.
When you’re normally at home reasons for this twofold number one often times it will put doubt in the buyers mind perception and reality is what buyers are looking at the perception is that the cooling system isn’t keeping the house that cool and so it raises doubt about their condition how old is air-conditioning just one of those things you don’t want to have them thinking about you’ll be looking at all the great things your house has the kitchens the newer carpeting the new painting all those things that you’ve done you don’t them focusing on that the same thing with the heating same thing applies again puts doubt only on the furnace is the furnace in good working order well how come it’s lower you know is it is it because it yes that they’re out or is it maybe because it doesn’t work that well.
Again these are things you don’t want when you’re selling your home again the cost of leaving those things up is literally pennies on the dollar on a daily situation in daily basis when you have showings coming up the best rule of thumb is is to go ahead and just have it set the same temperature you feel comfortable with the entire month because the whole idea is we don’t always know when a showing coming you don’t want to have to be running home and making sure that the heating and cooling system is working the last thing I think that they kind of really hit upon is that comes up and that is closets I cannot emphasize enough the importance of basically cutting your closet space in half so those three things you’re focusing on just those three things.
Other things you can do to make the buying experience or the sewing experience for if you’re selling but giving the buyers the experience the illusion of space of light of room all those things are really important when it comes to sewing home in any market and that’s and that’s the factor you want to keep in mind those things don’t change you just get rewarded more whether it’s a hot marker like we’re in right now we’re gonna be talking next with Mark Cowgill we’ll be back in a few.

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