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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #42-05: Tip of the week

March 17, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold. Again wishing everybody a very kind of recap we talked about already today and that is the importance of asking questions our people should be asking new questions and that goes back on to Rene wouldn’t our Cecil management property basically you they should be asking new questions you should be asking them questions making sure you’ve got the right person to handle correctly your biggest asset you’re leasing it out this is this is a big deal for most people we see and so if you have to lease out if you’re coming back you want to make sure you’re in good hands and that’s really important.
If the other part too if you’re leasing what to be looking for when you walk into a house you know is hopefully the house is in great condition but if it’s not that could tell you something too when a point of those factors out to which were fantastic we also had mark from community title talking with us and talking about the importance of really getting information out in front meaning is how your house is titled most of time isn’t a problem but sometimes it is and especially sometimes with people that are lives in their houses for twenty or thirty years that you want to just make sure you have that information in advance ideally a day or two after you have a closing is after you have offered acceptance to sell your house.
You want to make sure that they have that information just double check to make sure that you’re not the last minute you know last week the last two days three days trying to scramble around looking for people that may have ownership it that no one had any idea of and no one even thought of and maybe they even though they had ownership of it mark pointing that out in the last segment that can be a difficult situation so again it’s always information it’s asking questions information that’s the key to anything especially when it comes to selling your house leasing a house whatever you’re doing in that situation critically important want to leave you with the tip of the week.
And the tip of the week I want to really kind of stress upon is things don’t change just because we have a hot market meaning is the steps in this book highly encourage you to get the book go to not .com because those things don’t they just enhance your situation we talked before about staging that likely having a house stage is going to get you potentially a better price on the offer that you receive having a house updated is still critical we still see houses that don’t have the updating and they still struggle even in the hot markets that can create a problem you don’t want to have that.
So again the tip of the week is make sure you’re still doing the same things that you would normally need to do update staging whatever that is because that’s going to really enhance your opportunities even more to bring in more people in it it’s going to get you most likely better offers not always that most we’d better offers and sell your house quickly so you can move on with your life with that said we’ll be back next week with some more great tips as far as the real estate in the real estate market thanks so much for joining us we’ll see you next week bye-bye.

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