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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #43-03: Don’t over improve

March 24, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold with your host Bryan Vogt. Thanks so much for joining us this fine Saturday we were talking the last two segments with Joe Harness president of Harness Insurance you can be coming back talking about having a good credit can definitely save you money on your insurance look we’re always wanting to save money but what I loved about what Joe said was the fact is that you can use that monies differently on your insurance and that’s really a key thing meaning is that you can take a difference on your premium versus your liability and the money’s work out to your favor so we’re always trying to give the best information we can so I really appreciate his input when it comes to with a housing market.
Our mentor insurance which is hand in hand I mean it’s just that insurance you’ve got the me well the realtor naturally and you’ve got the lender and all three of them go hand in hand with that what I want to talk about is I’ve been talking now for weeks now about how hot the market is and how things are going but I wanted to kind of bring up an issue that very seldom happens but it does actually just recently seen happen a couple of times and that’s when sellers without talking to an agent again either watching the east or west coast shows are going online and those are almost always east west coast you know whatever they do is what they do but this is the Midwest this is the Metro East and they get their information and they get this idea that since that ma market is hot let’s spend more money let’s over improve because the theory behind it is if I can get X amount of dollars now I’m going to put more money into it.
I mean that I’m going to get even more money well as most I’m sure the listeners know that is a Badman strategy that will not work you always want to have an updated house that’s really important in hot markets or any market but do not over improve we were just hearing a story about a sellers who again they had nice carpeting down really no need to change it but they decided to put hardwood floors down $10,000 investment kitchen same thing and very nice countertops for their location price for the location it would be what people expected most buyers expected they went in and put in granite countertops had a pretty large kitchen 10,000 dollars.
Long story short when we come to sell it they did not get that return investment in fact they didn’t get any of that return investment which sometimes happen so sometimes you get a portion of it but sometimes you get nothing and so they had a 20,000 hour yet but they took to it so again it’s a hot market the house needs to be updated that’s very important you know that doesn’t change you’re going to have even much more success you’re going to be even more popular when you have those updates you’re going to get top dollar when your updated you’re going to be getting closer probably in many cases we’ve been saying that always of course a full price and there’s not too many hours that don’t like full price and quite frankly in our market over the last.
So I don’t know three to four five years it does happen occasionally but it doesn’t happen nothing like it’s starting to happen now so that’s important to keep in mind when you’re doing this you want to make sure that you still I’ll say using the buck you can get the book for free it’s Ready Set Sold 12 proven steps to get your home sold for top dollar and a fast day on the same list much least it’s absolutely free in not .com and pick it up for free.
The bottom line the reason why I wrote the book is very simple to avoid the situations where somebody is twenty thousand hours out of the hole we’ve seen situations people have redone their basement or actually went down and just finished their basement thinking that they would get that return on investment not only the return on investment the house would sell faster and they beget their even more than their initial investment one situation doesn’t happen often.
$30,000 was just gone down the tube so that’s why it’s important to have this information most hours have a pretty good understanding about it but again the book really goes into detail just making sure that you’re making the right moves because this is your biggest asset for most sellers and you wanted to go right and you want to get top dollar you want to get a fast sale and that’s really important and that’s again why making the book available free from this radio show only so again go to not .com top some brief information so we could send the book directly to your house.
Many people have taken advantage of it we thank you for that we’re so happy to be able to provide that service when we come back we’ll be talking with Joe Harness again of Harness Insurance and that’s going to be talking about credit scores and how important they can be when purchasing a home and what the cost of insurance is going to be we’ll be back and again.

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