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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #43-04: Joe Harnist: Experience matters when it comes to insurance

March 24, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt. Happy Saturday I hope you’re having a great one if you’re getting those Easter plans ready coming up very soon or maybe you’re getting your house ready for the market if not you should be if you’re thinking about it if if you’re just crossed your mind to make a move this would be the time start to talking to an agent and hopefully the agents already talking to you hey Joe a gracious tweet came back for the fourth segment because there’s some great information and Joe Harness is who I’m talking about who’s president of Harness Insurance Company a company that’s been around for almost three-quarters of a century which is says a lot about not only the company but the president Joe harness who’s got 40 years of experience and Joe we’re going to be we’re going to be coming back to something that I think is really important and that is especially I would think for buyers.
What’s your credit score can affect how much your insurance going to cost you correct yeah right absolutely it’s it can make a lot of difference and the companies got into credit scoring it’s probably been 10 15 years now but they’ve gotten a lot more sophisticated with it and it does have a huge impact on what your premiums are obviously the better your credit score the better premium you’re going to get on not only your home but on your automobile coverage as well you know every company has their own I guess makeup of how they determine the scores it’s not an industry standard score so every company runs their own scoring model and depending on where you fall in that range is where you’re going to be as far as rates go.
They start out with a baseline all the companies start out with baseline score and they don’t all use a number score some use a number letter score some use just numbers and use just letters it just it’s all over the board but they all start at a baseline and then if your score comes out above that baseline your premiums are going to be better and if it comes out below that baseline the premiums are going to be higher and it’s basically based on the ability to maintain properties and maintain vehicles and keep things in good order and everything that that all lead to you know less claims in the long run so it’s always good make sure your credit score is good.
It doesn’t hurt to check you know periodically you know if you if you know that your credit score has improved drastically you might want to take a take another look at your insurance and see if that has improved because if the company that you with doesn’t necessarily always catch that you know at renewal time it may take another period before they catch up with it but it doesn’t hurt to look at all them and then the other thing is to you know you’ve got your credits make sure that you’re getting an auto home credit we talked about this before the credit on a homeowner’s policy for having your auto in the same company as the home can be twenty five twenty six percent you’re also getting a credit off of your auto for having your home together with it.
So you’re getting credits off of both policies by keeping them with the same company alarm credits you know if you have a burglary fire alarm or if you have both make sure you mention that you have to it has to be a monitored system and has to be approved by the company but you can get a credit it’s not going to be enough to pay for the alarm system but it’s still you know you’re not buying the alarm system to save money you’re buying the alarm system to protect yourself and to protect your family but there is some credit there that the insurance companies will give you for that early quoting they’ve found that to be a big difference you know don’t wait until the last minute and say oh I want to get a rate on this and you’re like one or two days before your renewal if you can be out 15 20 30 days in advance of your renewal date and in looking for insurance.
There are what we call advanced quoting discounts that the companies give for getting that quote far enough in advance of when your renewal date is on your policy so that’s another little trick to keep in mind as is quoted early don’t wait till the last minute your home well that’s good stuff I mean if I could just kind of jump in here real quick is and I think specially any type at the auto but I think you know it goes back on to that same thing I think that’s a really great tip that you just you just talked about is that again typically closings or 30 days okay so if you’re a buyer there’s a time line in the agreement in the in the contract with the seller that you have to get it done but and that’s kind of built in and most buyers are pretty good about that.
Not all but most buyers are pretty good about that but it became my mind Joe was is the sellers you know when you’re you know maybe this is the time to shop you’re your insurance or at least have a conversation with someone and just because of the fact is maybe it’s maybe it’s 30 or 60 days out whatever that is but this is the time to start looking for another insurance company especially if you’re not happy with it so again getting ahead of the game is what I loved what I heard you say is really important and it can save you some money he were running that time we have fasted time went by we’ve been talking with basically the Guru of insurance as far as I’m concerned Joe Harness of insurance.
So what’s the best way for people to reach out to you uh we’ve got a very easy phone number it’s area code six one eight and then two three three five five five five it’s two three three fifty five fifty five and then they can always go to our website which is har ni s T and then insurance spelled out calm and we actually have quoting forms out there for both home and auto that goes through all the questions and information that we need to prepare a code for you so awesome said you can you can go out there too so awesome that’s great stuff and again start there but then you know talk to a true professional so that’s awesome stuff well out of time we will be back in a few you listened to Ready Set Sold talk soon.

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