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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #43-05: Tip of the week: The military are here. List your home now!

March 24, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold. Thanks so much for joining us this Saturday you appreciated kind of recapping what we talked about today we tried to have a lot of great information but just talking about the importance of insurance and I think people do know that they have to have insurance but hopefully we had Joe Harness president Harness Insurance Company and today and he gave some great information that doesn’t mean the dot-com companies online companies can’t provide good service I’m not saying they can’t because many do but you always have to be a little bit careful when you have your own home.
Worse located that many people like the fact of being able to go to someone who’s living in that area that knows what’s going on in that particular market what’s going on in the housing what’s going on with everything have that familiarity can be really important so local insurance company we usually recommend just because of the fact of what I just stated they’re here locally they know the area you can get a hold of them you know where they’re at and that’s a good thing so let’s talk about though the tip of the week.
And this is going to sound like a broken record battle and keep on doing it and that is the military they are here if you’re in the metro Reese and even parts of st. Louis you know how big that is the military traditionally get them their marching orders forgive the pun in March they get their orders saying where to come many have team already but there are many more coming meaning they have the official papers in their hand and now they’re looking for a house so if you’ve not decided to make a move yet that’s okay but if you’re even thinking about it understanding there’s a limited period of time where the bulk of the military comes in and that window will be shortly closing.
So right now the state of the market there needs to be houses we are low on inventory time to get a-movin you’d be amazed what we’re seeing on the marketplace as far as what sellers are getting for their homes so the tip of the week very simply the military are here it’s time to get things moving if you think about selling this is a possible this creative the best time we’ve seen in years.
With that said well thank you so much for joining us very quickly you can get if you miss any segment which does happen you go to google play or you can go to iTunes and we have everything set up under Ready Set Sold under podcast so you have all the information all the time that’s what we want to do is provide that level of service and information to get you top dollar for your home make it a great week next week.

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