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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #44-01: Kelly Etheridge: More and more sellers are getting their asking price

March 31, 2018

Welcome to Ready Set Sold with your host Bryan Vogt. Are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house but don’t know what it starts good thing you found Ready Set Sold and now real estate broker Bryan Vogt.
Oh my goodness Easter is tomorrow so hopefully wishing everyone a very very happy Easter whatever your plans are for Easter I hopefully enjoy the day and have a fun time Ready Set Sold is based on real estate and giving you the top information that you need to for sellers and for buyers to make the informed decision and this is what this radio program was always geared for most of you know that it’s listened in the past I wrote a book called Ready Set Sold 12 proven steps to get your house sold for top dollar and a fast sale and I am offering it free.
Simply go to not .com and get the book it’s absolutely free no strings attached you get a book that has loaded with information for sellers that are wanting to get top dollar and a fast sale and it’s step by step and I always tell people is this is proven information this isn’t theory this is conjecture this isn’t all those things in this isn’t the East Coast this isn’t the West Coast it’s not in the heartland in the Midwest and in the metro each where we do a lot of but it works well in St. Louis to so many people I’m very happy to say many people have took advantage of this offer and I appreciate that and they’ve had some great success with it our past clients have had fantastic success.
With it’s kind of anytime sellers now are calling it almost like the Bible for real estate in the met released it just simply is you follow it there pretty simple easy once you have that plan in action you’ll be amazed you’ll be absolutely amazed as such you can have by using the book you know somebody maybe that isn’t selling right now but down the road or maybe you oh I would HIGHLY encourage you to rethink that though our market has been just crazy but if you are in that situation go ahead and pick up the book is absolutely free not .com go there and get your book also while we’re talking about that is we have every program or practically every program on podcasts that is a very easy and simple way for people to get the information.
All you need to do is go to Google Play or you can go to iTunes whichever one that you have either the kid on your phone and you Ready Set Sold and you can listen to every show you can reach into the whole show you can do it segments whatever you think that you may need to have just go ahead and look for it it’s all there we understand that there are times where people you know don’t have the time to listen to the whole show on Saturday mornings maybe there’s just a section of it or maybe they only catch the first part of it happens it’s okay but understanding if you just go to Google Play or iTunes you can get all that information and also some great content with other people we’ve had on the show before.
I mean the experts that we’ve had have been truly amazing so great stuff with that getting back into it I can’t mention we are having a fantastic market we have having a market that we haven’t seen in years there have been areas that have done well but this is the first time I can honestly tell you that we did seeing the whole Metro East having fantastic success and that means sellers getting top dollar getting past sales giving what they’ve been wanting for quite frankly four years in some cases it just really has been that long so we’re always telling people and the reason why I’m always talking about this is that there than people that it didn’t work out last year maybe even November and December.
Well I will tell you right now hopefully your agents that maybe you had it listed before with has already contacted you if not I’m telling you that you need to then consider getting your house back on the market if you’re even thinking about selling your home this is a fantastic time we’ve just had so many success stories it’s just it’s fun if you’re a buyer well the simple fact is that there are still some great houses out there really are there’s some great green home for that matter but you got to act you know the situation of waiting or maybe you used to be able to do that or that was a good thing a bad thing that’s kind of going away we also let’s face it most people know that the interest rates have gone up.
They’re creeping up a little bit of course you know it still makes houses still very affordable so it hasn’t affected that as much but the question if you’re a buyer right thankfully why would you want to pay more I mean you’re going to be paying more with a higher interest rate that that you can’t buy the dream home of your choice but as they creep up it just creates more of a situation about being able to um possibly get the house because the market so hot that you want are paying more than you have to with that said I’ve got one of my team members on the line with me she’s been graciously waiting um the main hurt a dog or two am I am sure about that.
Good morning everyone very quiet but with the puppy dog wasn’t right yeah the mailman came by so oh the dreaded mailman that’s not good Kelly thanks for joining us how you doing I’m doing great thanks for having me how are you doing I’m doing fantastic thanks I just wanted to I wanted to bring you on and we’ll talk more later in the show but I just can’t want to bring you on you work with listings and buyers but you know we’re more and more and this is great for the sellers but again the buyers are getting the dream home that they want but pricing I mean the idea of trying to bicker or are to you know try to even lowball showers that’s not a very good time very that’s never a good success plan.
Okay just so you know but in this market it just isn’t working out is it no my buyers are finding it’s a very painful lesson to find that home that you’ve always dreamed of and you think you can get you know five ten thousand or more off of it and they’re finding very quickly that there are other buyers out there looking and they’re willing to pay full price right and I think that covers all the gambits uh I know in the past we’ve had situations and that you’ve had in the past where you know people used to which wasn’t really 100% true I won’t go into all the details about foreclosures yes every situation is a little unique but even with proposers now all these houses are coming on the market.
You know banks are putting them on sellers are putting them on and it’s there’s competition out there and if you’re not aware that if your agents not letting you know that hopefully they are but if they’re not that can be cause real problem and potentially real pain for buyers right going absolutely have a deal going on right now with a foreclosure and tried to save them the pain suggested that they go all in from the very beginning unfortunately they didn’t listen and another buyer has come in and now we are in a bidding war talk about pain well you talk about pain and like I said if we’re the seller or whoever that sower is was the bank or not that’s great news on the selling side but on mthe buying side basically you’re not competing with the seller anymore.
You’re not even trying to negotiate with sorry you’re trying to beat out somebody else so again the speed of which you need to act upon is important and you know something Kelly that I think that you’ve seen some of this for whatever reasons that’s much our listing that we have seen listings now that maybe started out in the first of the year and the market didn’t you know catch on fire like it is now and so even if the house had been on the market for two or three months traditionally that would mean that maybe there’s a pricing issue there’s something else going on but you know even sometimes not always but sometimes receiving sellers being able to still do well with the market.
You know it’s not maybe a plan that we want to always project out but we’re seeing houses because of the shortage we’re having that these houses are selling are definitely getting tremendous showings mm-hmm yes several showing right so with that we just kind of want to give you a view of what’s going on the market I cannot tell you enough probably last month those listeners that have been listening to us there’s been quite a few long story short is this is the time hopefully your agent has contacted you we’re looking at some areas that there’s thirty percent less inventory being less houses per buyers choose from as we’re going into the spring selling market.
So with that in mind I go back again if you’ve ever even thought about Bernie Houston market this could be your time but it’s a window that we don’t know how long is gonna last everything is three months we expect the summer market to be good but we just don’t know we have to take with what we got right now with that we’ll be back with Kelly Etheridge and myself and a few minutes.

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