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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #44-02: Have you ever thought of a real estate career?

March 31, 2018

Welcome to Ready Set Sold. I’m your host Bryan Vogt thank you so much for joining us this Saturday we’re talking with Kelly Etheridge she is on my team she is fantastic as a rock star when it comes to role side and I want to bring this up is because this is the time that we probably again haven’t seen before when we’ve seen so much activity this is the time that if you are in either in real estate are thinking about getting the real estate this would be a prime time to start looking at that many times people have always wondered well is the market going to stay going is that going to take going lawyers for this way we don’t know we can’t predict the future.
But way things tend to be trending this is a time to start getting the idea if you thought about getting the real estate to get into it and one of the things I wanted to talk with Kelly about was is that she caught that curve and she saw that insight even a little bit beforehand and you jumped in last year and it’s worked out pretty well Adam Kelly yeah it’s been great and I think I think the one thing is the market is really helpful but I will say is the one of the things that I think that is important that you need to look at if you get into real estate and I’m talking about somebody brand new but this could be also for somebody that is maybe struggling.
Maybe they have the initiative they know what they want to do but they’re not getting the direction from their brokerage company they’re not getting the training that getting the coaching you’re not just giving me a little bit of advice a little bit of actually confidence that maybe they need to move forward with and I think that’s a big factor and I know Kelly you’ve done great with the coaching and the train we’ve had but I think that’s been really key not only for your hard work and there is there’s some work to this but also just because of such you have when you agree absolutely Brian’s been a great coach and a great friend always there to support me and give me confidence and back up and answer all those questions that I have and it’s just been a fantastic team work with us both and with Cathy as well.
With that we’ve got an assistant also who is fantastic you Cathy pal but she’s been on the program before but I think when one of the issues I see and I’ll talk more about it in the next segment I actually wrote a book on an Asian advantage and it really kind of dwells into that is that one of the issues we by far we have a great industry I know we get picked on and I know we in the in the media and what have you but I will tell you been doing this for almost two decades buying four agents are doing the best they possibly can which so creates a problem because sometimes the brokerage company doesn’t have the Train they don’t have the coaching they just don’t have the things in place to not only help the agent.
But why this is so important in the co I think you would agree with this is to help the client is to you know when you have a much more educated much more better trained anything but special enroll estate you’re able to support your client in a much better way would you agree absolutely yeah you know this is a service industry it’s a it’s a people industry and we’re here to serve our clients and that you know if you have the training behind you then you can do that right and I think that’s you know important and again it’s just it’s just getting those things getting the ball rolling and so the reason why bringing this up is that whether you’re brand new meaning is that you’re just thinking about getting roles sake.
How you choose your role state company that might be one of the things you really look at because in the end the training and coaching is not only going to be paying off for you for your clients but it’s going to be paying you off of you individually because you’re going to be able to service more people and make more people happier and yes we do get paid for our services and that’s okay we really do and we provide a service of helping our clients whether that be buyers our sellers to either find their dream home with our buyer our sellers to sell their biggest asset there’s a lot of things riding on it and get them top down in a fast sale so I always look at as a win-win situation.
That’s really important Kelly I know you’ve had situations where I think that’s been important for you it’s been a win-win outcome and that’s what we’re always looking for and that’s what brands and sellers don’t you agree most buyer’s or seller’s want that thing this is in the confrontation this is a win-win absolutely they have something to sell and you have you have the need to purchase to go on to the next step in your life and we’re here to be the go-between and make that happen right and I think sometimes that there is that there’s that misconception that this is a confrontation and I think that might come a little bit from agents I mean I say it but maybe sometimes from agents but I will find I will say that for the vast majority of buyers and sellers they get it they get it you know what there’s a there’s a win-win opportunity here.
Sometimes there’s some give-and-take sometimes there’s none I always tell people and it’s true that look and Carol I think you’d agree that we just talked about that you know when is that the that the buyer gets their dream home the wind for the seller is that they may have gotten full price for the house win-win it can work that way can be that simple mm-hmm so like I said those are things that we wanted to kind of really kind of talk about I’ll be talking more about my book in the next segment coming up but it really is important to have that little bit of I say a little bit but it really is to have that training to learn how we can help people get where they want to be wherever that situation is and it’s critical sometimes.
Sometimes as agents we sometimes forget not always but sometimes that this is their dream home this is where people are going to be for the next 5 7 10 20 30 years we had a couple that we sold their house have been in the same house for 55 years I’m not saying that’s going to be the next buyer but just meaning is we don’t know the people once we do know is once they get into a house that they that they love they tend to want to stay there and that’s a good thing and people that are moving look you know this doesn’t mean they don’t love their home but things have changed and their direction is going a different way whether it be out of state whether they’re downsizing maybe they’re up sizing whatever those situations are of having that understanding I think training coaching is key to that would you agree Kelly.
I would yeah awesome I tell you what the timely heavier than me I’ll be talking more about the book in the book is those you may not know you can get it on Amazon we’re going to be getting out more in a pipe version to give it out to people also but the book is agent advantage became a number one bestseller on Amazon I’m very happy for all those who support it all about the book and made that happen so that was really cool stuff but the book is also about what you should be as an agent be looking for what is the philosophy and I kind of go into to greater detail about what maybe you should be looking for in a brokerage and what maybe you should be staying away from shoot us an email.
Let’s go into the next segment but before that we’ll take you to the sharp right let’s reset so what do those planes up.

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