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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #44-03: Experience is great but make sure you are getting coaching and training

March 31, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I am your host Bryan Vogt. Thanks so much for joining us this Saturday again Easter is right upon us so hopefully you’ve gone to the store you shouldn’t say gone to the store you become the store of course to get your ham or whatever food that you have and to make sure though that you maybe make contact with the Easter Bunny in and just make sure that these bunny has what they need and that way everybody has a great Easter when it comes to the egg hunt our candy or whatever you choose to get for Easter maybe that’s not your thing to however you want to celebrate Easter that’s perfectly fine.
Enjoy the day whatever you’re doing I do find out a little bit odd that the Easter Bunny does talk I mean I know Santa does and Rudolph does but these funny just doesn’t seem to talk and that’s okay he’s a quiet guy I really I don’t know that either anyway nothing about Easter you listen to I said so with your house Brian boat and what I wanted to talk about in this segment here in particular is making sure that you have the agent that you need to have as far as working a hot market one of the things that we do run into sometimes is even though it’s a hot market and things are going well the agent still has a lot to do with how the process goes through I think most sellers know that this is just a friendly reminder and what I mean by that is making sure that they have some either coaching or training or experience.
And ideally all three I bring this up is because the last thing we talk about coaching and training and how important that is this is an industry that look I’ve been doing this for almost two decades it has changed it’s night and day from where it was five years ago I’m just that’s just bottom line five years ago what we have now and not only in technology but the changes we’ve made with different disclosures and what you have to do has change dramatically I say this is because sometimes experience doesn’t work in your favor we kind of all know most hours kind of a leery of people that agents that maybe don’t have any experience whatsoever so they kind of get that they may stay away from those situations not always but many times that they may .
But the one thing I do want to talk about is that sometimes that we get in the situations where experienced agents unfortunately and that all and I want to stress this not all by any stretch but you do run in that situation on occasion or the agent it was good in 1999 and it’s good enough now as if nothing has changed technology internet phones well I say phones really more texting and emailing none of those things have changed and the fact the matter is if you have one of those agents they may not have the ability to give you the information that you need to make decisions that will best service you I always want to stress this when I talk about this it doesn’t mean that experience is not good most of the time it is but it’s never a bad idea.
You have an experienced agent if you have some doubts ask them if they’ve head-coaching do they have coaching whether it’s to their company there’s just all kinds of coaching I’ve gone to it personally throughout the country now there’s even podcasts there’s different ways of getting that training but you always want to make sure that they’re doing that they know what’s going on not only with the market but what’s going on with the industry and that can be a big thing to you we’ve seen situations because of it that has cost sellers deals sometimes it’s just a timing factor sometimes even though everything is practically all through design you to email there are some agents that don’t work that way and they don’t work off of their phone and they don’t work off an iPad and they go into the office and they literally print out the information.
And they literally sometimes even drive it to the you know buyer or the seller and in a hot market you either lose are actually create a big problem for your clients whether it be a buyer or seller not always of course and not every time but again it may sound good but I would totally encourage you to maybe keep shopping if you don’t have that person that not only has the experience but also has the coaching and training and is always looking to improve and I think that’s one of the things that we’re always stressing at least on my team and is we can always get better and so those are things that you really want to keep in mind that experience is good.
But make sure that they are not going to the same thing the same old try true traditions that may or may not work as well as they used to they might but they may not we’re going to be talking about my book in the next segment you listen to Bryan Vogt with Ready Set Sold we’ll talk to you.

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