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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #44-04: Discussing my best selling book,”Agent Advantage”

March 31, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt. Thank you so much for joining this Happy Easter happy Saturday happy weekend hope you’re having a fantastic day I also hope maybe that you’re out maybe looking some houses you listen to us on the phone our shows are also all on podcasts so you can go to Google Play or iTunes and look for a set sold and whatever segment you want you can listen to a whole program are just particular segments are maybe many of our experts have been on there you want to look something particular whether it be insurance whether it be lending whatever those situation is a wide variety of experts that we’ve got on the show.
Also that you can listen to what that’s it I want to talk about my book he did become a number one bestseller I’m very pleased with that and very thankful for those people who purchase it and got the book but anyway vamp Dale’s with mostly brokers and Realtors but I want to kind of bring up some points that have an effect on you the sellers and one of those things that I think needs to be changed it’s a costly I believe in that time as well past due is that many agents I would almost say probably the majority of agents have no control on what they charge as far as commission goes and many times sellers get a little frustrated by that because there’s just one price and unfortunately it seems like that one price goes from broker to broker to broker the bottom line is that as a sour and as an agent you should be able to have a free market.
Whatever that number is if that’s 5% 6% 7% 8% whatever it is as an agent they should be able to at only tell you what their price is what they’re what they charge you but also show value for that because that’s really what it boils down to do they have the value to help get your house sold for top dollar and a fast sale and when brokerage companies impose a certain percentage that a agent has to get that also not only hurts potentially the sellers that you may or may not be getting the best agent it’s just this is what the company had to offer it also hurts the agents themselves that there are agents for the most part that you very well with giving a value proposition that they do have great success.
But oftentimes we’re lumped into one model and it’s just simply not true so that’s really important and something I think it needs to be changed in industry and I think it needs to be changed sooner rather than later another thing that I want to bring up to is very simple uses team concepts in the metro region more particular than St. Louis but the Met release there is been some movement for teams but the truth of matter is most brokerages make it extremely difficult if not impossible for agents to form teams and what that for sellers just to kind of give you an idea you can have a team leader but they will have buyer’s agents underneath them and can help with buyers.
They can help with a listings and may have listing agents the reason why that becomes so important is because let’s face it sometimes when you get an agent they’re a very good agent but they’re kind of at their wit’s end I mean they just don’t have maybe the time and they get a little bit lost and it gets a little frustrating for them and sometimes for the seller unfortunately and if they could bring on another agent or two that could definitely free up their time where they could evoke more times especially to the seller and that their needs it’s not that the agent doesn’t want to give people as much time but oftentimes because they’re such a good agent they’re in high demand and they simply don’t have so many hours in the day shall we say and I bring this up is because if that can have an effect.
Unfortunately on salary that there are times and yes I met that there are times where agents aren’t good in communication so I get that but often times it’s discipline factors because the agent is swamped and then that allows through the brokerage to be able to get other team members and that becomes a win-win situation though from bringing on other agents because they can share their knowledge there’s a reason why they were so successful and they can share that with other agents and put a better product out there to the general public and that’s important and I think I think those are one of the things that need to be changed also is that situation we talked about in our segment just kind of finish it up though training and coaching.
And I’ll say coaching maybe even more than training or training is very important is so critical in our industry and it’s so sorely lacking it just is it’s not that agents don’t want to learn more but oftentimes brokerage companies don’t give that opportunity to their agents to learn more it’s unfortunately far too rare it doesn’t mean that all brokerages that win I don’t want to say that because it’s not true there are brokerages that do a good job with training and they do some with coaching but far few to do that the vast majority don’t have that system set up and again I think look it’s like anything else whether profession you’re in when you have training you have coaching you’re learning to have a better improvement and you’re going to get a better product out there.
And the seller are the buyer is going to have a bigger advantage meaning is they’re going to have a more trained and coached agent to help them with their biggest I think we the biggest purchase of most people’s lives their dream home and selling their biggest asset and I think that we as an industry needs to look at ourselves and make sure that the brokerage companies are doing their part and the agents also need to come to the training to I get that and that’s something that I think that if brokerages would offer more I think they’d be amazed by how often it that the agents would come in and get the training coaching they need to make value propositions and make this thing work even better than what it does now so that’s the book that I have um it’s called agent advantage you can go to Amazon more I’m glad to grab it.
I’m not sure what the price is right now I think we have a special for $0.99 so again it’s a quick read but again I I guess I’m talking mostly to agents but it also could be for sellers to kind of know what’s going on with this business maybe you always thought about being an agent well this is the time to maybe can I get a maybe a different take on what you may have thought rule state is with that set I’m going to wrap up this segment and talk in the last segment on some great things that you want.

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