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The answer to the #1 question all sellers have!

February 16, 2021

The answer to the #1 question all sellers have!
Hi everyone! Bryan Vogt here! Over the decades of being in real estate, there has never been a time while I sat at a seller’s kitchen table when this question wasn’t asked! How is the real estate market? Translation If I sell now Will I get top dollar and a fast sale. Which I completely understand! Since most people’s biggest asset. Is their house! Having authored bestselling books on real estate! Been professionally coached and constantly studying the market so I can always give the best and cutting-edge information to my clients. I can say without question. You as a seller should expect success in selling your house! In any season or for that matter any of the three hundred sixty-five days we have in a year! Unfortunately, far far too many agents in our market. Have chosen not to take the time or put the work into their profession to be able to assist their clients to give them the best and accurate information that they can. Instead many times giving misleading or at best inaccurate data to sellers of how they shouldn’t put their house on the market during the holiday season, the winter, before winter. Or even suggesting they pull their house off the market and wait! I can tell you if your house isn’t selling. The season you’re selling in has nothing to do with it! Period! Why?
Here in the Midwest/Metro east, we don’t have double digit percent price swings like the east and west coast does! Never had them never will! Instead, we maintain a steady market that doesn’t go up to high nor doesn’t go to low. Instead, it tends to stay more at an even Kiel. And most people think that is a good thing! Unlike other parts of the country where there housing markets can take a 30 or 40 percent drop seemingly overnight leaving sellers in the lurch!
A great example of house steady our market is. When the worst crash of the housing market happened and the bubble burst in 08. Which was self-inflicted by the industry itself and I don’t expect a repeat of that ever again. Other areas of the country saw prices go down fifty or as much as seventy percent While our market went down maybe five or at the most ten percent in comparison.
With that said you as a seller should be able to sell your house anytime of the year and be confident you will sell it at top dollar and fast! Whether it is thru the simmering summer heat or in the dead of winter, or even at the start of the Holiday Season. Sellers should expect success in any of the three hundred and sixty-five days in the year they choose to sell! Period! If you want even more in-depth tips on how you can have great success selling your house in any season! Please free to drop me a line or just go to my website at and get free pdf copy of my best bestselling book Ready Set Sold!
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