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Want to have great success in the New Year? Here’s how you do it! Happy New Year everyone! 2020 is finally over! So, do you want to have a successful 2021? What I am about to share is what thousands upon thousands of people thru out the entire St Louis Metro east do every new year. To have a great year. In fact, they pass it down to generation after generation so they can have success also! What is it? It’s the type of food they eat on New Year’s Day or shortly thereafter. And they all swear that it works. So, let’s begin!
1.Hoppin Johns or what most people refer to as Black-eyed peas. Eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day has been considered good luck for hundreds, if not thousands of years. A tradition that was started by the Egyptians. Pea’ didn’t come to America until the 1700s but weren’t considered lucky until the Civil War. According to common folklore, the Union Army pillaged the Confederates’ food supplies but left the peas and pork, believing they were food for the animals and not for human consumption. The Southern soldiers thus felt lucky to have these supplies to get them through the cold winter. Another Southern tradition states, that black-eyed peas are a symbol of emancipation for previously enslaved African Americans, who were officially freed on New Year’s Day after the Civil War. In either case. To get the full effect of the peas you need to eat at least 365 of them at one sitting. So that you have abundance and luck for every day of the new year!
2.Greens Making dishes using green, leafy vegetables will ensure good fortune for the coming year. Greens include boiled cabbage or sauerkraut, collard greens, kale, chard, mustard greens, and turnip greens. The reason greens were considered good luck is that they were thought to resemble money, specifically folded money. Not sure if I see that. Many people also include Cornbread with their greens since the colonels in it, are said to represent golden coins. So, if you want to triple your chance of success this year you might just want to have all three for a meal! Greens, Black-eyed peas, and cornbread!
3.Herring This tradition comes from Germany, and it was brought here by German immigrants. And if you know anything about the area. You know there is still a strong German heritage here! Making it extremely popular to eat on New Year’s. Since herring were in abundance throughout Western Europe. It is believed those who eat them on New Year’s will have an abundant year! Also, their silvery color resembles that of coins, a good omen for future fortune Pickled Herring is what my parents insisted, or I should say demanded I eat every New Year’s as far back as I can remember to ensure my success Which wasn’t always what I had in mind to munch on after a long night New Year’s Eve.
So, which one of these food items do you eat to bring in the new year? Please feel free to comment down below! Do you have a food that your family eats to have good fortune for the new year that I didn’t mention? I Would love for you to share it in the comment box down below. Also, to avoid missing a single episode. Hit the subscribe button and ring the bell. Until the next episode. Make it a great day!

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