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What 3 fascinating facts that you don’t know about O’Fallon Illinois?

August 24, 2021

What 3 fascinating facts that you don’t know about O’Fallon Illinois?

Bryan Vogt here!
What are 3 fascinating facts about O’Fallon Illinois that you don’t know?

#1 O’Fallon Illinois and O’Fallon Missouri are named after the same person! John O’Fallon was considered one of, if not the most riches men in St. Louis in the mid-1800s and was big into railroad building. He was instrumental in bringing railroads to communities. And that’s what he did for O’Fallon Illinois. Which most people agreed to put O’Fallon on the map. John O’Fallon was also known as a great philanthropist, and in 1857 he donated an enormous amount of money at the time of 1 million dollars to form the O’Fallon institute. Which later became Washington University better know and Wash U

#2 The back story behind O’Fallon’s city flag Almost 50 years ago O’Fallon’s city flag was designed by Michael Donovan, a freshman at the high school at the time, during a contest held by the O’Fallon Junior Woman’s Club to create a city flag. The design, gold on a blue background is the colors of the high school. The pick and shovel represent the coal mines that were so important to O’Fallon’s economy for over 100 years. The locomotive represents the railroad to which O’Fallon owes its existence. The planes represent Scott Air Force Base where many in O’Fallon find employment—both military and civil service.”

#3 William Franklin Beedle Jr.; was born here! Name not familiar? He was considered a major superstar actor for his generation. With such meg hits as Stalag 17, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Wild Bunch, and tons of other hits. But he did decide to change his name to William Holden before he started his acting career. I think that was a good call, don’t you!
There are tons of amazing things to know about O’Fallon Illinois! Having sold 100’s of homes here! I can tell you it is an amazing place to live. Especially for the military. If you know of any military looking to buy or sell here. Please have them give me a call! I would love to help them!

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