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What are 3 tips homebuyers can do to increase their chance of success in 2022?

January 25, 2022

What are 3 tips homebuyers can do to increase their chance of success in 2022?

Bryan Vogt here. In 2020 the world changed forever! So did real estate. Unfortunately, there are a lot of new agents on the block that just got into real estate or sadly seasoned agents that are advising their clients the same way they did in 2019! Or for that matter the same way they did in 2009. And unfortunately, it is a spelling disaster for their clients. So to hopefully avoid that lets’ let’s dig in and see how buyers can increase their odds in this crazy market. But first one of the items that are driving buyers to buy is the Interest rates or still amazingly low for now. Giving buyers the ability to save potentially 1000’s dollars over the life of their loan. However, all reports now are the interest rates or going up. When and how much no one knows for sure!

1. For buyers if you see a home, you like, or love buy it! There are a few buyers who feel they need or want their friends, or family members to see it also. Then give them fair notice that you are planning on buying a home and they need to go when you go. In this tight market, I have seen too many times when buyers lost out of their first dream home because of not acting! Don’t let that be you!

2. Get a pre-approval letter before you go to buy! The good news most buyers are doing so already but there are still too many buyers that are getting a prequalifying letter and not a preapproval letter. Sellers are smart they know the difference And I have heard of too many stories where the buyer’s offers didn’t even get looked at because they were only qualified to buy the home, not approved to buy the home. That is a big difference in sellers’ minds. Here is the good news. By getting preapproved you will know what you can afford, and you will be in the running if there are other offers on the home you decided on!

3. Consider buying a home you like and learn to love it. The homes are in pristine condition and have all the bells and whistles that all buyers want. Are often the ones that have 7,8, or 9 offers on them. However, if you look for nice homes that you could make your own and then fall in love with it. Chances or you won’t have near as much competition or maybe even none at all thereby getting it for just the asking price!

One more final tip. If you have been wanting to buy or even thinking of buying and you don’t have a long-term lease. But rather rent month to month. Don’t be surprised if your landlord gives you notice to be out in 30 days. With so many landlords not getting paid and others seeing what they can get now for selling. More and more landlords are making the decision to sell now leaving many renters in the lurch. If that’s you are you even think it might be. Give me a call today. I have several homes coming onto the market in all different price ranges for you to choose from!

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