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What are 3 ways buyers can win in multiple offers scenarios?

March 1, 2022

What are 3 ways buyers can win in multiple offers scenarios?

Bryan Vogt here. Before I begin. Please hit the subscribe button and ring that bell to not miss another episode! What 3 ways can buyers win in multiple offer scenarios?
Let’s dig in!

1 Shoot a 30 second to 1-minute video on your phone with your whole family telling the sellers why their home would be the perfect home for you. It’s a great way to pull at the seller’s heartstrings and separate your offer from the others! It won’t do the trick if your price is off by thousands from the other offers. But if you are close or the best offer. I have seen it seal the deal for buyers!

2. If you know or even think other bids are coming in you may want to consider an escalation clause. It can be a very effective tool to use to win contested deals. It can be used for the appraisal and or the price you’re offering. It is much easier to show it to you rather than tell it. But it is a very powerful tool to beat the competition. Make sure the agent you are using is aware of it!

3. Cash is king! And I have seen more deals sealed by using cash rather than a lender. If you have that in your arsenal then this would be the time to use it. And if you’re thinking this is only for the rich. Think again. I have seen more than a few first-time home buyers use cash. Now it wasn’t always all their money. They worked it out with mom or dad or other family matters later to pay back the money they received from them. But by making a cash offer they were able to seal the deal.
But of course, the real problem buyers or having right now is finding a home to put an offer on! Because of this. I and my team have come up with a one-of-a-kind solution for buyers having that problem. Please reach out to me today by phone or text so you can have your new home under contract maybe as soon as this weekend!

Until the next episode! Make it a great day!

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