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What are the 5 reasons to sell in January?

December 28, 2021

What are the 5 reasons to sell in January?

Bryan Vogt here. Before we start. To not miss another episode hit the subscribe button and ring that bell! Today we are going to talk about the 5 reasons you should sell now in January! Let’s dig in!

1. New Year, new market! The holiday festivities or over and now the buyers can put their full attention on home buying. Especially this year with inventory remaining so low! Might make this a record-breaking January for sellers! It might even be a better time to sell than even the traditional spring months. Because of number two!
2. More competition! It would be hard to believe that we won’t have much more competition this spring since we haven’t had a spring market for over two years now. More competition this spring would mostly mean fewer multiple offers and sellers would most likely be selling in weeks instead of days!
3. Increase in interest rates! Even though interest rates are still very low. Speaking with professional lenders with years of experience. An increase of just a half a percent to a full percentage point. Could reduce buyers buying power by as much as 10%, this could affect the number of buyers for luxury homes. Which could cause those homes to be on the market longer before they sold. And would make it much harder to get multiple bids on premium homes from the loss of potential buyers.
4. A Winter Wonderland. Having just a few inches of snow can truly turn your house into the winter wonderland buyers are looking for. They can also see themselves making a snowman and often sledding with the entire family. Something sellers simply can’t showcase in the summer months they already see themselves and their family enjoying sledding I have had more than a few clients and seen even more sellers having tremendous success selling their homes!
5. 5. Military buyers Even though the bulk of military buyers get their marching orders in March! Forgive the pun! However, with this tight market, we have been having. There are more than a few that will come in early to get the home they want if it’s on the market. And not to sound corny. If your house isn’t on the market, then they can’t buy it!

And that’s just scratching the surface on why selling in January can be such a winning strategy for sellers! If you want more in-depth information, I will be glad to send you a free pdf copy of my best-selling book, I authored, Ready Set Sold. Click on the link down below and fill out some brief information to get your book today!
Of course, if you have already a luxury home seller and have made your decision, or know other luxury home sellers in O’Fallon. Please have them contact me today so you can take advantage of this winter amazing market. So, you can get top dollar or more! And a fast sale with little or no hassles!!
Until the next episode Have a very safe and fun New Year!