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What are the 5 Reasons to Truly Appreciate 2020!!
Stay tuned and I will tell you!
Hi Everyone! Happy Holidays! Twenty-twenty has been a crazy year filled with many ups and downs. With all of us being affected in one way or another. However, I am a firm believer that you can find the good in anything if you take the time to look for it.
Here are the five reasons to truly appreciate 2020!
#1 Technology
Most businesses have already been aware of Zoom for meeting with their teams and clients. However now the general public is using this technology to connect with friends and loved ones whether they live hundreds of miles away or just across town!
And as a bonus of using Zoom this holiday season, many people found they were able to limit their time with everyone’s favorite crazy Uncle that tells the same lame jokes every year. Year…. after year…. after year
#2. Children understand that tablets are not just to play next Assassin Brotherhood or Rouge or whatever is currently on the market this year.
But they also can be an amazing learning tool That can expand their knowledge of the world they live in!
#3. Toilet Paper
People now appreciate the fact that you can never…never have too much toilet paper in your house! Paper towels and napkins just aren’t the same. Trust me on that one!
#4. A much stronger appreciation of teachers and schools and the vital role they play for our children’s education.
I know many a parent. Mostly moms, that have noticed a sudden graying and loss of hair while helping little Johnny or Mary with their classwork. And even though I don’t this for a fact. I am willing to bet! Because of mom’s devotion to helping their children. That the wine industry will have a record year this year!
#5. That 2020 is nearly over! Done kaput! Never to return ever again! Melting away in the sands of time forever! Yes!
With that said that means that 2021 is fast approaching. And yes we still may have some challenges to overcome in the near future. I have no doubt that this coming year is going to be a fantastic year for everyone in St. Louis/Metro East area!
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Until the next episode!
From my family to yours. Wishing you the happiest of New Years! And may the new year bring you all more fun, joy, and abundance than any year in the past has ever brought you!
Happy 2021!

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