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What one mistake can cost sellers 1000’S?

March 30, 2022

What one mistake can cost sellers 1000’S?

Bryan Vogt here. The market is still amazing for now! However, I keep seeing time and time again sellers aren’t being advised by agents the one simple thing they could do to have even greater success and put even more money in their pocket! What is that one thing? Staging their home for showings! Now I am not talking about professional staging. It’s rare in this market for most homes to need that. I am talking about simple things sellers can do to make them more money! So why are so many agents not advising their clients on staging? In my opinion, there are two main reasons. One is that they are new agents on the block that simply don’t know the value of it. Or sadly many experienced agents know the house will sell eventually and are more worried about getting the sign in the yard than maximizing their clients’ profits. So, what are the 3 reasons why sellers should stage their homes? Let’s dig in!

1. More money! Staged homes tend to get offers thousands of dollars more than homes that aren’t staged! It’s just that simple!

2. Staged homes tend to sell much faster than ones that are not!

3. To avoid nasty feedback comments from buyers! Which is no fun at all for sellers to read!

And here is the good news. We have developed a simple 7-step staging guide that only takes 15 minutes to do and can put thousands of dollars in our clients’ pockets! That’s why we offer all our clients our one of a kind 7 step staging guide to make sure they sell faster and maximize their profits when selling! And if you are looking to take advantage of this market our just even considering it! We are offering you a free copy of it on the link below! It is a simple step-by-step staging process that countless of our clients have used to not only sell faster in this amazing market! But put more money in their pockets! I highly recommend you get your free copy today!

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