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What seven great tips Military buyers should know when PCSing to Scott Air Force Base?

March 17, 2020

What seven great tips Military buyers should know when PCSing to Scott Air Force Base?

Stay tuned and I will give you that answer!

Hi everyone! First off if you are currently serving or have ever worn the uniform. I thank for your service. I also want to give a big shout out to the spouses! They do tireless work often after the home is purchased. Getting the kids enrolled in school, unpacking, finding the best places to shop and the list goes on and on! You work is invaluable. Thank you!

So, you have your orders in hand and your report date set. Welcome! You will love it here!

In my nearly 20 years in real estate. I have had the good fortune of helping 100’s and 100’s of military buyers’ success fully PCS to Scott Air Force Base!

With all that experience. I have come up with seven great tips Military buyers should know when PCSing to Scott.

1. Choose an agent who has actual experience of working with the military. And understands the time restraints that Military buyers are under to buy their home. Also make sure that you have an agent that will show you homes in the entire metro east if you like. Instead of picking an agent that wants to dictate a specific town or two that they want you to buy in! And keep in mind you want to pick an agent that has had great success in not only helping military buyers buy their home. But also, has had great success in selling military buyers’ homes. When ever that time should come for you!

2. After choosing the agent. You want to block time out with them on when you are coming in. And be specific. For example. You will be coming in to look for homes on Friday the 23rd and you will meet at 10 am at the McDonald’s in Swansea. Saturday you will be starting looking at 10am. Or however many days you feel you need to buy your home. Why so specific? I can’t tell you how many times I have heard of Military buyers finding out the agent they choose couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to help them the whole time after the buyers were in town! Don’t let that be you!

3. Military buyers want to be pre-approved before you get to Scott. By being pre-approved you’re offer will be much stronger. There by giving you a better chance of beating out other buyers who haven’t been pre-approved. Your agent should have a list of top local lenders they can send you. That also understand the military buyers needs and working with your BAH!

4. Your agent should be sending you homes that meet the criteria you have given them. That way you can start sorting out the ones that really catch your eye! And put aside the ones that don’t. That way you hit the ground running when you come into town!

5. I always encourage Military buyers to start doing their research too. Going to city and towns websites that they have interest in. finding out what that community has to offer. Maybe parks, biking trails, schools or what ever you might have an interest in.

6. Consider using google earth. Many military buyers use it not only to view subdivisions that they may want to live in. But check out parks, shopping and even the night life that particular city has to offer!

7. Even thought most military buyers know this. If you need to sell your current house. Make sure you have that on the market so when you buy your home here. You don’t have to rush to put your house on the market!

So, who do you know in the military that you could share this valuable information contained in this podcast? Maybe you’re getting ready to PCS and you know other coming here too that could use this useful information? If you live in the Metro east already. Then I know you know someone in the military that you could share this with so they can have a great experience they deserve when moving to Scott. Or you may want to give them my direct line to call or text today 618-210-2451 So, they can get started on having a great buying experience when they come into Scott!

Until next time. Make it a great day!

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