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Where are 3 amazing parks no one knows about?

July 13, 2021

Bryan Vogt here!

We have tons of amazing parks in the area! It is one of the biggest benefits of living in the metro-east! However, I wanted to highlight some incredible parks that you may not know about. Even though some of them you have driven right past!

#1 Horner Recreational Park in Lebanon Illinois. Is just one mile north of historic downtown Lebanon. But if you don’t know about it you probably haven’t been there. Because it sits on an old country road call Widicus. The 58-acre park has amazing old growth trees and a 5-acre fishing lake that will surely delight the young and old! It does also offer tennis courts, ball diamonds, a playground area, and a beautiful walking trail. But it is the beauty and peacefulness of the lakes that most find the best part of the park.

#2 Rocks Spring Rotary Park in O’Fallon Illinois Even though it is located off 3rd street in O’Fallon unless you’re a dog lover like I am. You may not know anything about this park. Unless maybe you had your bridal shower or wedding there. The setting is amazing, and most people feel it is the best dog park in the area. There always seem to be toys for the dogs. Plenty of Poop bags for fido. Also, buckets for a waterspout to keep your pet well hydrated on those hot summer days. Whether you have a dog or not this a park you want to check out!

#3 Centennial Park in Swansea Illinois. It is located by one of the busiest highways in area 161. But I am willing to bet thousands upon thousands of people have driven by it and never know what they’re missing! Not let me warn you this park doesn’t have a tennis court, ball fields or even a playground. But If you love nature, and who doesn’t, then this park is a must for you and your family. It has deer, foxes, raccoons, and birds of every feather, forgive the pun, inside the park. And if you are looking for peace and tranquility then this is your park. The walking paths have been carved right into nature so get the experience of being in the deep woods while being next to everything. This is a park you must experience to believe!

And if your looking to live by these are any other parks in the area. Please give me a call today! I would love to help you!

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