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Where are 3 Amazing Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

March 16, 2022

Where are 3 Amazing Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Bryan Vogt here. In March there are many things we celebrate! If you’re into college hoops. March Madness! If you are selling the arrival of the military buyers, and of course St Patrick’s day! And in this episode, we are going to answer the question of where to go for a great time this St Pat’s Day. Let’s dig in!

1. MCllravy’s Irish Pub Located on West Main in Belleville is a place you want to be this St Pat’s day. The owners and staff will treat you like family! Known for their great atmosphere, excellent services, and cheap drinks. You are guaranteed to have a good time on St Patty’s Day or any day of the week you go there! And if you don’t like drinking alone? They have you covered there too!

2. Creehan’s Irish Bar On north belt west near the Skyview drive-in Belleville has become a tradition for St Patty celebrations for decades. With their amazing staff and great service, they will make you and your friends feel right at home. And don’t forget to bring your appetite too! They have an amazing assortment of delicious food sure to please anyone in your group! And the good news is you don’t have to be Irish to go there!

3. O Tavern on Main! On East Main Street. Hey everyone, is Irish on St Pat’s Day. At Tavern on Main, they have amazing food and the only problem you will have is deciding what delicious food you want. It is truly the place to be on St Pat’s Day. With amazing drink specials and a terrific atmosphere, you will be glad you stopped in. Not to mention the terrific staff & ownership that will make you want to come back again and again!

Not sure which one to pick? It’s St Patrick’s day why not hit them all and make a day and a night of it!

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Until the next episode! Make it a fantastic St Pat’s day!