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Why I joined EXP Realty

August 18, 2020

Hi everyone! Having been at a traditional brick and mortar office for most of my 19-year real estate career. I recently moved my business to Exp three main reasons!

#1 Exp’s Generous Commission Splits

Every agent at Exp is treated equally with an 80/20 split. Which caps each year at $16,000. After that agents earn 100% of their commission for the remainder of their anniversary year!

Also, Exp doesn’t have any desk fees, franchise fees, or royalty fees for their agents to pay! Unfortunately, most agents that are in a traditional brick and mortar franchises are still having to pay those fee’s for offices that sadly, have been closed for months!

#2 They’re an Online brokerage with an Amazing Culture

Because Exp agents are online they work from the comfort of their homes. Avoiding the traffic delays, the long drives, and the inclement weather that many agents still must suffer thru.

80 hrs. a week of live online training is what Exp offers its agents by some of the top instructors and mega teams and agents in the country. Where they share useful tips and systems to help all Exp agents have the success that they want!

Exp agents enjoy incredible online tools that can help explode their business! One quick example is a powerful CRM that is becoming a lead generating machine for tons of agents within the company!

The culture that the company promotes, starts with the amazing top professionals it has on its staff! With only one job in mind! How can they better serve the agents!

One of the biggest roadblocks for many new agents to get into real estate and even some seasoned agents to stay. Is not having access to good healthcare! Exp has solved that problem! By offering its U S agents not only innovative but low-cost healthcare options.

#3 The Residual Income and Stock Opportunities that Exp Agents enjoy!

Imagine building a team of agents like I am, along with many other Exp agents. To create amazing amounts of residual income. Month after month! Year after year after year. By simply attracting and sponsoring producing agents into the company While still having time to run my real estate business the way that I want!

There are five ways agents can earn even more residual income at Exp! Thru their amazing stock opportunities, they have for their agents! By simply sponsoring a new agent that closes their first deal! The first closed deal you have at the start of your new anniversary year! by capping each year, by agents taking 5 % of your gross commission and buying stock at a 10% discount, becoming an ICON agent and earning back your whole cap in stock!

These are my top three reasons why I joined

If you would like any information or have any questions regarding this unbelievable company. Call or text me at 618-210-2451 Since I currently now have three to five agents call or text me every day either wanting to know more information about this amazing company. Or how they can sign up! I would be more than happy to help you in any way I can!

If one of my team members sent this video to you, I am happy to help answer your questions before signing you up with them.

Until next time! Make it a great day!

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