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Why March may be the best time to sell all year?

March 9, 2022

Why March may be the best time to sell all year?

Bryan Vogt here! Something all professional agents have always known and now the public knows. We are the ultimate supply and demand industry. We are in a sellers’ market for sure but as we have seen over the past 2 years things can change rapidly and not always for the good. So, let’s dig in on why March is such a great time to sell and also how the market could change rapidly affecting sellers in a negative way! But first, let’s start with the great news!

1 The military are here! March is the month that practically all the military get their orders to come to Scott. And what that means to you as a seller is tons of more great buyers to add to all the other buyers that are looking for homes in this tight market. Making the strong possibility of having 5,6, or more offers on your home puts even more money in your pocket in the month of March!

2. Spring has sprung! Not only will the military buyers be in full force. But buyers who didn’t have success in the past year. Not to mention the new buyers coming into the market to buy their first or maybe their third home will make this month even a hotter market than ever before! What that means to you as a seller in the month of March is not only more money in your pocket but the ability for your agent to get you the best possible terms. Such as inspections. Our team. Out of the last 12 homes we have sold. 10 of the 12 we were able to negotiate with the buyers either to waive inspections altogether or do what is called information inspections. Where they found from the inspection what was wrong with the house and now, they know what they need to fix! But all this could change because of number 3

3. Interest rates and more competition! If there is anything we have learned over the past 2 years plus is things can change rapidly. Interest rates have already gone up a full point in the past few months and rumor is they are going up even higher. Also, with people feeling stuck where they have been living going on 3 years it would be hard to believe in the coming months that there would not be putting their homes on the market creating more competition! What does this all mean to you as a seller? First higher interest rates it is going to limit the number of home buyers that can buy your house. When you reduce the number of buyers it will cost sellers in their pocketbook. Also coupled more competition will mean instead of having 10 buyers competing for your home. Those 10 buyers will be viewing 10 other homes that have hit the market Which scenario do you think would you would want when selling?
With currently dramatically low inventory, the military buyers, and still relatively low-interest rates make the month of March protentional the best month of the year to sell your home!
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