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You Don’t get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression!.

May 25, 2019

That may not have been written for seller’s but I think it should have been! Understand, that buyers have never seen your house before and first impressions count! Here are three tips, from my bestselling book, that sellers want to put on there “must do” list before your house on the market.

1.Clean Like You Never Have Cleaned Before!
Pick up, straighten up, declutter, scour, dust…..I think you get the picture! If your house isn’t ready for the cover of “House Beautiful” then clean it again! Yes it’s that important!! Many sellers have turned to professional cleaners to come in and do a deep clean. And then the sellers (women..yes it’s still true) can keep up with the daly cleaning.
2. Don’t Smoke in Your House or Garage!
If you do, not only won’t the buyers buy it! But buying agents will spread the word like wildfire to other agents. Not for them to waste their time showing your house! I thought by now everyone would have known this. However, recently I heard of two separate  listing agents going to a houses only to have the sellers greet them at the door with a cigarette in their mouth! If buyers smell smoke in your garage ,then they will think they smell it in your house whether they do or don’t. And won’t buy it!
3. Make Sure Your Beds or Made!
If you want to shatter the buyers mood on buying your house. Have a bed unmade. And it doesn’t matter which one either. Bribe, cheat, give kickbacks or threaten any member of your family to make sure their bed is made! And I am not even slightly kidding. Ok maybe the threaten part was a little much but you get my point. If you done everything right (The woman) and one bed is not made? Don’t look for an offer anytime soon from that buyer. And ,if you do get lucky and get and offer, you may not like the price!

Yes selling your house can be inconvenient! However by following these 3 tips. Many of my sellers have enjoyed great success. And those who did not? Let’s just say they wished they would have!

Who do you know wanting to get their home on the market yet this Spring of the beginning of Summer? Have them call or text my personal number 618-210-2451 today. So they get their house on the front page of Google and get it sold for top dollar and fast!

Bryan Vogt

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