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You won’t find the true value of your home on Zillow! And I will tell you why!

September 1, 2020

Hi everyone! The market is going crazy! Because of the low low inventory, we’re experiencing, and the historic low-interest rates that buyers are taking advantage of. Sellers that are putting their house on the market are getting rewarded with great pricing and fast sales!

What kind of pricing or they getting?

I recently sold a home that would have sold for two hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars last year. This year, three hundred and twenty-five thousand it sold for! Another home that would have sold for two hundred and twenty-five thousand last year, sold for almost two hundred and fifty thousand this year in less than a week!

However, many experts are saying that next year’s market is going to take a turn for the worse! Having been in the business as long as I have, I think that even if there is a turn, in won’t be as bad as what many are saying.

But many sellers aren’t taking that chance and are deciding to sell now! And there or some sellers that are deciding to sell now to get top dollar and then rent for a year. That’s right. I know of more than a few sellers that are doing that. They are betting that the market is going to go down next year. So, they will have sold at the top of the market this year and bought at the lower end of the market next year. Who knows?

The trouble is most homeowners don’t have an accurate way of knowing what the true value of their home is!

Zillow is not the answer. Let me repeat that! Zillow is not the answer! There never right! I have seen them be off as much a one hundred thousand dollars on a home!

So, what is the answer?

For years now I have been offering a free CMA every year to all of my clients, friends, and family. So, they have accurate information on the true value, for what most people consider their biggest asset. Their home!

The process is amazingly simple. Especially if I sold them the house, I need to know what improvements or updates they have made since they’ve lived there. And then I Schedule a thirty-minute meeting with them in person or on zoom to go over the numbers. Now if I haven’t seen their home before. To make sure I am giving them accurate information I strongly suggest we meet at their home for thirty minutes or so. And that’s it!

The response from clients has been so overwhelmingly positive and appreciated for this free service. I have decided to offer this free service to the general public for a limited time!

If you have a home in the metro-east. And you want a free CMA to find out what your house is worth in this amazing market were in. Just call or text me today at 618-210-2451. So, you can find out the actual value of your home! Not a estimate

Until next time Make it a great day!